Hospice of the West Enhances Care Quality, Reduces Economic Burdens for Seriously Ill Seniors: Advanced Illness Management that Integrates Palliative Illness Management™

of the West
(HOW), a leading community-based hospice and palliative
care organization in Maricopa County, Arizona, announces implementation
of an innovative approach to effectively improve care quality,
coordinate access to care, and address financial consequences for health
plan members with life-limiting illness: Advanced Illness Management
(AIM) that integrates Palliative Illness Management™ — PIM™. Powered by Turn-Key
, PIM™ provides services that have traditionally been missing
from the delivery of care, addressing social, behavioral and
psychological challenges that impact day-to-day activities for both
members and their family caregivers, and avoiding over-medicalized care
or inappropriate death.

“During their final years, seniors with advanced illness frequently go
back and forth between the hospital, skilled nursing facility and home,
impacting quality of life and driving up the cost of care,” says Dr.
Uzma Jafri, Associate Medical Director, Hospice of the West. “PIM™
offers an extra level of support that improves care coordination,
connects back to the member’s medical home, and enhances member and
caregiver satisfaction. Members receive services that they value and
need, including symptom relief, medication management, establishing
goals of care that meet their needs and wishes, and support for the

PIM™ deploys local, specially trained palliative care teams to identify
and engage with individuals and their families. Using predictive
analytics, telephone and in-house assessments, these teams offer
palliative interventions that close gaps in care.

“Understanding that their symptoms will be better managed, members often
choose less aggressive treatment, leading to fewer side effects and
helping them to stay in their homes,” says Jafri. “Many healthcare
payers now recognize the value of PIM™ and anticipate cost savings while
improving member satisfaction.”

One PIMTM program involving Medicare Advantage plan members
demonstrated a 32 percent drop in hospital admissions, 61 percent drop
in hospital readmission, 37 percent drop in ICU days and 19 percent drop
in average claims cost per member per month.

About Hospice of the West

Hospice of the West is a community based Hospice and Palliative Care
organization based in Maricopa County, Arizona and is committed to
serving the unique needs of individuals facing a serious illness and
providing ongoing support to patient families and loved ones. http://hospicewestaz.com/


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