Humana Works to Break Americans’ Habit of Spending 93% of Life Indoors

Leading health and well-being company uses nationwide tour, 360 video
and National Geographic quiz to raise Nature Engagement Levels

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As a proud partner of the National Park Service Centennial, Humana
(NYSE: HUM) is encouraging Americans to get out and
enjoy nature this summer.

Humana’s increased emphasis on embracing the health benefits of the
outdoors is supported by a recent Harris Poll survey commissioned by the
company, which revealed that Americans agree, spending time outdoors can
reduce stress levels (75 percent), benefit mental well-being (74
percent) and can help people live a longer, healthier life (63 percent).

However, many aren’t taking action, with Environmental Protection Agency
data showing the average American will spend nearly 93 percent of their
life indoors1.

Humana is encouraging people to discover their Nature Engagement Levels
(N.E.L.s), a way to test if they are getting enough lakes, trees and
sunshine in their lives to stay in peak health. Starting June 9th,
people can find out if they’re overflowing with flowing streams or
running low on lowlands by taking the new National Geographic Quiz,
sponsored by Humana.

Humana’s broad effort to get people outdoors is supported by the N.E.L.s
quiz, a national outdoor-inspired tour and 360-video of two popular
national parks.

“Today’s world makes it hard to disconnect and relax in a green space,
but finding as little as 30 minutes each day to get outdoors in a
natural setting can do so much for your overall health,” said Mark
Steffen, MD, MPH, Humana Medical Director. “Something as simple as
visiting a park can be the first step to putting your health first. When
you do, great things will be ahead of you.”

To help raise N.E.L.s on a local level, Humana is kicking off the summer
with a three-month tour called Bring the Parks to You. The tour, which
launches in Chicago, is open to the public and features a pop-up log
cabin with the sounds and sights of nature, all designed to inspire
people to get out of their air conditioning and into the fresh air of a
nearby park. The cabin experience includes Oculus technology that will
let participants escape into a 360-degree virtual reality world and gaze
up at the giant sequoias of Yosemite National Park or peer out over the
mystifying rocks of Joshua Tree National Park. After experiencing the
technology, participants can take the N.E.L.s quiz and ultimately find a
park near them best suited for their needs. The tour will travel to 20
cities through August.

“You may think spending time in nature is difficult when you live in a
city like Chicago because we’re so far from the big national parks, but
we have some amazingly beautiful green spaces at every turn,” said
Juanita Irizarry, Executive Director of Chicago’s Friends of the Parks.
“You can enjoy the refreshing mist of Lake Michigan along the lakeshore
path, spy some deer at the North Park Village Nature Center, or get lost
in the flowers of the Garfield Park Conservatory.”

Humana’s partnership with the National Park Foundation Centennial
celebration, as well as its commitment to inspire more involvement with
nature among the communities it serves, closely aligns with the brand’s Start
With Healthy
campaign. Those who wish to view Humana’s 360-degree
videos may visit Humana’s Facebook
or YouTube pages: Joshua
Tree National Park Active 360° Video
, Yosemite
National Park Active 360° Video
, Joshua
Tree National Park Scenic 360° Video
, Yosemite
National Park Scenic 360° Video
. Humana’s N.E.L.s quiz is also
available at
starting at 9:30 a.m. EDT on June 9.

To watch 360-degree video, you need the latest version of Chrome, Opera,
Firefox, or Internet Explorer on your computer. On mobile devices, use
the latest version of the YouTube app for Android or iOS.

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1 Klepeis, Neil E., William C. Nelson, Wayne R. Ott, John P.
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Marvin Hill
Humana Corporate Communications