Illinois Medicaid Managed Care Plan to Return up to $5 Million in Savings to the State of Illinois in 2015

Not-for-profit Community Care Alliance of Illinois first-year
performance shows effectiveness of innovative care coordination model
for seniors and people with disabilities

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Community Care Alliance of Illinois (CCAI) announced today that it
will return up to $5 million in savings to the State of Illinois in 2015
due to its ability to drive quality outcomes and control costs. CCAI
also distributed performance incentives to hospitals and other providers
for its first full year of operations in 2014. The incentives were based
on critical outcome measures such as avoidable hospital admissions,
readmissions and Emergency Room visits.

“We are pleased to see our innovative, comprehensive and
consumer-informed approach to care demonstrate such positive results in
our first full year,” said Jeff Miller, Chairman of the CCAI Board of
Trustees. “We are showing how to get managed care right for people with
disabilities and seniors, improving health outcomes and saving taxpayers

CCAI has been successful helping members at highest risk of
hospitalization manage their conditions and avoid lengthy, and costly,
hospital admissions. “CCAI’s proven model of care demonstrates that when
our members are actively engaged in Care Coordination they have hospital
admission rates less than half of those not engaged in Coordinated
Care,” said Keith Kudla, CEO, Family Health Network and CCAI. “CCAI has
been able to dramatically improve health outcomes and significantly
reduce cost by keeping members healthy, and therefore saving the health
care system millions of dollars. In fact, we estimate that we saved the
state 10% from where their Fee-for-Service cost would have been.”

In addition to the $5 million in savings returned to the state and
performance incentives distributed to providers, CCAI offered Enrollees
more than $2 million in additional benefits and healthy incentives. CCAI
Enrollees can earn between $10 and $30 in wellness incentives that can
be used to purchase Over-the-Counter eligible items that help treat
injuries or illness each time they perform a healthy behavior or get
certain health services, screenings or go to special classes.

Next year, CCAI will expand criteria for performance incentives and will
launch an ongoing outreach and education campaign for its hospital and
provider networks.

“We are committed to working with our providers to constantly improve
the quality of care for seniors and people with disabilities. Our
clinical care model is designed to promote independence and provide care
that supports people in the way they want to live – in the community,”
said Robert Currie, CCAI President. “That’s the path to better health
for this population.”

CCAI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the not-for-profit Family Health
Network (FHN), a Managed Care Community Network (MCCN) serving Medicaid
families since 1995. FHN launched CCAI in 2013 when consumers,
advocates, providers, health care policy and health plan experts
collaborated with advocates for Seniors and People with Disabilities
(SPD) from Access Living, Sinai Health System, Schwab Rehabilitation
Center and Health & Medicine Policy Research Group to establish a better
way to serve the SPD population under the State’s Integrated Care
Program (ICP). FHN’s Board of Directors and Steering Committee had the
foresight, experience and commitment to bring CCAI’s mission, vision and
values to life and invested significant resources to set up and staff
CCAI, the only not-for-profit Managed Care Organization participating in
the ICP.

CCAI is a Managed Care Community Network serving people with
disabilities and seniors on Medicaid in Chicago and Rockford areas. For
more information on our innovative Model of Care and service, please
You may also subscribe to our channel on YouTube at
and hear what our Enrollees have to say about our health plan.


For Community Care Alliance of Illinois
Sarah Mahisekar,