Introducing New Enfamil® 32 fl oz Ready-to-Use Plastic Bottle

All You Have to Do is Pour

GLENVIEW, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mead Johnson Nutrition Company (NYSE: MJN) today announced it is
unveiling a new, innovative plastic bottle for its 32 fluid ounce
ready-to-use family of Enfamil® products. Now, parents and
caregivers can find the new packaging at major retailers across the

The new, modern packaging with an easy-to-grip shape is designed to
provide control while pouring. It brings convenience to busy parents by
allowing them to prepare multiple bottles at a time. Importantly, it
also ensures accurate proportions due to the formula being premixed. The
bottle keeps the product fresh without refrigeration due to its
shelf-stable technology, meaning the product stays fresh in the pantry
until its stated expiration date or until it’s opened and needs to be
stored in the refrigerator.

“While Mead Johnson is focused on nourishing children for the best start
in life, our innovation efforts extend beyond nutritional and health
benefits. We know that today’s parents are on the go and on the look-out
for options that can make their days run a little more smoothly,” said
Carl Stealey, vice president of U.S. Marketing for Mead Johnson
Nutrition. “The new 32 fluid ounce ready-to-use packaging offers a whole
new level of convenience and flexibility for parents – for some, it’s
their everyday formula, while others find it’s a great complement to
their usual powder routine. Best of all, like all Enfamil formulas, our
ready-to-use infant formulas provide babies with complete nutrition and
have important brain nourishing nutrients like DHA and choline.”

In addition to the sleek, easy-to-use 32 fluid ounce ready-to-use
bottle, the Enfamil brand offers a nipple-ready 2 fluid ounce Nursette®
bottle for newborns – which is especially convenient for late-night
feedings – and an 8 fluid ounce ready-to-use bottle to support changing
feeding needs as babies grow.

Enfamil is the number one brand recommended by pediatricians. It has
brain-nourishing DHA proven to support brain development. Clinical
studies have been published that demonstrate Enfamil infant formula
fosters learning ability now – and into the preschool years.

As the only global company focused exclusively on pediatric nutrition,
Mead Johnson Nutrition has a long history of innovation that meets the
evolving needs of its consumers. For more than 100 years, the company
has been delivering safe, high-quality products that parents rely on to
support the healthy growth and development of millions of babies and
children. That trust has made Enfamil the #1 pediatrician-recommended
infant formula brand.

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