Jasmine Universe and Farmingdale State College Demonstrate the Future of Energy Conservation

STONY BROOK, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jasmine Universe is pleased to announce a collaboration with Farmingdale
State College (SUNY) to demonstrate the future of leading edge energy
conservation technologies at Farmingdale’s Smart Energy House (SEH). The
SEH was designed and equipped with the latest energy conservation and
renewable energy devices. The SEH shows how every-day homeowners can use
these technologies to save money and energy, contributing toward a
cleaner environment.

The partnership between Jasmine Universe and Farmingdale State College
takes the SEH to its next evolution. Jasmine is the most sophisticated
energy management system ever developed for home owners and small
businesses with an easy-to-use mobile app and device that empowers users
to control their energy usage. Jasmine, winner of the LightPath
Innovator of the Year Award for its cutting-edge energy management
system, is the perfect finishing touch to the SEH, because it gives
consumers convenience and control over their energy costs without
changing the way they live.

“While most users are primarily interested in saving money, Jasmine was
designed with a broader vision about energy conservation in mind. Saving
energy helps the planet as well as budgets. Installing Jasmine at the
Smart Energy House proves how easy it is to do both, creating a better
future,” said Mohan Wanchoo, President and Founder of Jasmine Universe.

Jasmine transforms consumer energy use and cost by providing real-time
information that allows homeowners and small businesses to easily
monitor and change their appliances’ energy usage from almost anywhere
in the world. Jasmine customers can automate when appliances operate,
all based on immediate information from their energy provider. Forgot to
turn off your air conditioner or an appliance? Now you have the peace of
mind and ability to check it through the mobile app and turn it off.

“Jasmine fits in perfectly with the purpose and intention of the Smart
Energy House. Consumers who understand and have an easy way to
conveniently change how they use energy have a much better opportunity
to help themselves and the environment,” said Dr. W. Hubert Keen,
President of Farmingdale State College.

The 2,000 square foot Smart Energy House looks like a normal
three-bedroom home with two floors, though it contains features all
homeowners will soon desire. In addition to energy-efficient appliances,
the house also has a solar thermal system that uses the sun to create
hot water for daily use. The SEH is equipped with programmable window
louvers that tilt with the sun allowing daylight to enter the room while
still providing privacy and energy savings or to deflect heat in the

The SEH also uses an inverter that can be controlled remotely and act as
a backup energy system in the event of a power outage. Electric or
hybrid vehicles can be recharged in the garage, and 20 solar panels
provide renewable energy.

The SEH is a smart energy technology collaboration with Farmingdale
State College, the U.S. Department of Energy, PSEG Long Island, Long
Island Power Authority, and Stony Brook University (SUNY). Designed by
the faculty and staff of the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center
at Farmingdale, the SEH was constructed with the help of the college’s
physical plant staff. The SEH serves as a demonstration showcase for
visitors as well as an educational and research facility for students
and faculty.

About Jasmine Universe

Jasmine Universe is a Startup NY-Certified Company located at the
Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University. Through its innovative
products, Jasmine Universe helps consumers control their energy use in a
convenient, affordable way so they have the freedom to focus on the
important things in life.

The mission of Jasmine Universe is to improve the environment through
the efficient use of energy, creating a cycle of benefits for both
energy providers and their customers. For everyone, Jasmine makes it
easy to save energy and money. For more information on the company,
visit www.jasmineuniverse.com.

About The Farmingdale State College’s Smart House

The Smart Energy House is located on the Farmingdale State College
campus on Route 110, Farmingdale, NY. To register for a tour, call
Farmingdale State College at 631-794-6175.


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