Jasmine Universe Launch is the Hit of the Advanced Energy Conference

Energy Companies Love the Jasmine System’s Features

STONY BROOK, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The debut of Jasmine Universe, and its revolutionary system for energy
providers and consumers, at the Advanced Energy Conference in New York
City on April 21 was a great success. The Jasmine Energy Management
System (Jasmine) gives consumers real-time feedback on their energy
consumption habits, helps them save energy and money, and enables them
to participate in supplier-initiated demand response programs.

“We were very pleased that the industry recognized Jasmine’s innovative
approach to energy management. The energy industry is changing, so by
uniting consumers and energy providers through easy-to-use technology
that gives real-time information on energy usage and a convenient energy
management system allows home owners to make better choices for their
budget,” said Mohan Wanchoo, President and CEO of Jasmine Universe. “And
because Jasmine also enables environmentally friendly choices, it’s also
good for the planet.”

An affiliate of EC Infosystems, an industry leader in billing and
electronic data interchange, servicing more than 70% of the deregulated
energy industry, Jasmine Universe was developed by people with great
insight and a long history in the energy industry and its needs.

“My experience with EC Infosystems showed me that consumers did not have
a real time understanding of the energy they used, how much they used,
and when they used it,” said Mr. Wanchoo. “Ultimately, I realized that
we needed to develop a wireless technology bridge that would give
consumers real-time knowledge of their energy use.

The Advanced Energy Conference (AEC) is the premiere energy industry
event on the East Coast with attendees and presentations that included
New York State Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, Dr. Ellen Williams,
Director of ARPA–E of the U.S. Department of Energy, Dr. Franklin M.
Orr, Under Secretary for Science and Technology at the U.S. Department
of Energy, Dr. Patrick Phelan from the U.S. Department of Energy, Dr.
William Bonvillian of M.I.T., Dr. Bruce Fardanesh of the NY Power
Authority, keynote speaker Dr. Roger Flanagan of Lockheed Martin Energy
and many others. An enthusiastically positive response at such a stellar
event proves the strength of the Jasmine system.

“Cutting-edge companies, like Jasmine Universe, are key components of
the innovation economy that we are building throughout the State of New
York,” said Leslie Whatley, Executive Vice President for Start-Up NY at
Empire State Development. “Their sponsor, Stony Brook University, is a
leader in energy technology and a strong participant in the Start-Up NY
program. We look forward to Jasmine Universe’s success there.”

“Jasmine is a technology that energy suppliers need,” said Robert
Catell, Chairman of the Advanced Energy Center Advisory Board.
“Utilities have experienced unprecedented challenges from climatic
events that have, or will ultimately require them to invest significant
capital on system resiliency and reliability. At the same time, the
industry continues to place a significant emphasis on energy efficiency,
as well as new initiatives aimed at consumer empowerment. All these
challenges have a common thread among them… a need for a much more
dynamic relationship between system supply and consumer demand, using
real-time information and control to enable a more efficient and
adaptive overall energy ecosystem. Jasmine is the technology platform
that enables that relationship.

The Jasmine Energy Management System is a software platform that
connects the energy supplier with the consumer through a wireless
communication system, creating an end-to-end solution for real-time home
and appliance monitoring and control. Through Jasmine, consumers have
access to new features, such as the ability to receive real-time cost
and use information to increase their knowledge of their energy usage.
Even better, through Jasmine, energy providers will provide their
customers with new features to control their use based on price,
convenience or other factors, providing consumers with greater choice
and control in how and when they use energy.

For homeowners and small businesses, Jasmine provides complete control
over their energy usage as well as peace of mind. Custom schedules can
ensure appliances don’t act like energy vampires while not in use, while
also ensuring that lights, heating and cooling systems and other
appliances automatically go on and off when you want it.

The Jasmine mobile app lets you change energy usage from anywhere in the
world so you can delay the start of your air conditioning if you’re
stuck in traffic. Want to confirm that your employees turned off the
lights? With Jasmine, you can.

The Jasmine Energy Management System uses flexible, adaptive technology.
Since no two energy markets are the same, Jasmine Universe can create a
custom package that’s perfect for your system and your customers.

The success of Jasmine Universe’s launch at AEC proves that it has a
bright future giving consumers complete, convenient control over their
energy usage while saving money and natural resources at the same time.
Jasmine puts the power in empowerment.

About Jasmine Universe

Jasmine Universe is a Startup NY-Certified Company located at the
Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University. Jasmine makes advanced
energy management easy. It gives consumers real-time feedback on their
energy consumption habits. Jasmine also allows energy suppliers to offer
Direct Response pricing to encourage off-peak usage. For everyone,
Jasmine makes it easy to save energy and money.

For more information on the company, visit jasmineuniverse.com.


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