Jeffrey Gundlach Warns Housing Market: “Generation X is Broke”

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a frank interview with Real Vision TV, CEO of Doubleline Capital and
renowned bond investor Jeffery Gundlach urged investors to short the
home building market on the grounds that “Generation X is broke.”

“The net worth of Gen-Xers compared to Baby Boomers when they were at
the same stage in their lives is really poor,” says Gundlach. “This
generation should be fueling discretionary spending, and fueling the
luxury goods market, but they’re broke,” he adds.

One of the reasons for their lack of discretionary spending is that they
bought houses in 2006 and then saw the housing bubble burst in 2008.

Against the backdrop of dramatic political and economic shifts in
today’s market – including a volatile U.S. Presidential election – he
warns more surprises are ahead, saying: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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