Know Yourself Launches Self Literacy Adventure Series for Kids

Twelve-Part Series Featuring Fun, Educational Comic Book, Science
Experiments, Activities and More Takes Families on a Journey Through the

OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Know Yourself – a
creative media company dedicated to making self literacy a vital part of
early education – today announced the launch of its public benefit
corporation (PBC) and its premiere product – a 12-part adventure series
aimed at helping children discover how their minds and bodies work.

The Know Yourself Adventure Series brings to life a lively and
educational experience that helps children learn about their body from
the inside out. Delivered monthly, each adventure in the series includes
an original comic book, science experiments, historical lessons and
healthy recipes all designed around engaging core content to give
children the information they need to learn about vital systems of the
body, while also bringing hours of fun and productive entertainment to
their families.

“The launch of our company and this exciting adventure series is the
next big step in the movement that’s changing the way children learn
about their bodies at an early age,” said Nancy Howes, founder and CEO
of Know Yourself. “The underlying message of self literacy that our
products promote is what’s most important, because there is power in
knowing how our minds, bodies and entire selves work. As parents and
educators, we are confronted with the question of what to teach our
children to prepare them for personal success on life’s journey, to give
them a leg up. I have found that happiness, self-esteem, confidence and
responsibility all start with knowing myself. I wanted the same edge for
my kids, and that’s why I started Know Yourself – to give them this
foundation and to laugh along the way.”

The 12-month adventure series utilizes compelling visuals and engaging
story lines and introduces a different system of the human body each
month, starting with the five senses and progressively building to
explore the skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive and
immune systems, and more.

“Too many adults and their children live without a basic functioning
knowledge of how their bodies work and react to the world around them,”
said Tim Howes, co-founder and executive chairman of Know Yourself.
“What started as a passion project has turned into a full-fledged
mission to change the world.”

Each box in the series takes readers on a time-traveling journey that
teaches important lessons about how the body works, enriched through
powerful storytelling that is educational and engaging. The primary
characters – young protagonist Pinky, her science-loving skeletal mentor
Dr. Bonyfide, and the Loops Crew, an eclectic group of skateboarding
friends – overcome challenges and develop social-emotional literacy
along the way.

“More than ever before, we are vitally aware of the importance of
learning how our bodies and minds work,” said Dr. Russell Haynes, a
member of the Know Yourself advisory board. “Know Yourself meets a huge
need for in-home ways for kids to start becoming experts of their own
bodies and begin a lifelong journey of health and wellbeing. Know
Yourself materials are exciting, engaging and approachable to a broad
age range, and most impressive to me, they are scientifically factual
and incredibly cool.”

Know Yourself’s lines of clothing, books and comics feature a core set
of compelling characters and story lines situated squarely in the modern
age, with self literacy curriculum weaved throughout in a natural,
exciting way. All items are available at

About Know Yourself:

Know Yourself, founded in 2012, is a creative media company dedicated to
self literacy based on the foundation that everyone deserves a working
knowledge of their most valuable assets: their body and mind. Know
Yourself’s irresistibly lovable characters, innovatively designed
curriculum and epic stories are presented in textbooks, original comics,
animation, a monthly adventure series, and more! Know Yourself gives
parents and their children the tools they deserve to control their own

A public benefit corporation (PBC), Know Yourself is a company committed
to leveraging private enterprise for public benefit – pledging to donate
5 percent of annual profits to organizations that support local
communities, education, the arts, and self-esteem.


Know Yourself
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