Kodak Alaris: 11.8 Billion Photos Lost by UK Smartphone Users

Study reveals one in 10 people aren’t taking steps to protect memories

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More than a third (35%) of people in Britain have lost photos from their
smartphone, according to a study1 released today by imaging
company, Kodak
. People in the UK store an average of 651 photos on their
mobile phones meaning that a potential 11.8 billion2 photos
are lost in the ether. Yet they continue to fail to take the necessary
steps that could protect their valuable memories.

The study marks the launch of the free, all-in-one KODAK
, which enables people to capture and preserve life’s
special moments. People can use the app to capture and edit pictures,
before sharing on social media or immediately ordering prints for home
delivery or collection from a store. In addition to simple prints, they
can also create greeting cards, collages, photo books and more, all from
a single app on ANDROID or iOS devices, when connected to a KODAK
Picture Kiosk.

One in 10 (13%) people don’t take any steps to protect their photos,
whether printing, backing-up on a PC or posting to social media. Whilst
78 per cent would print photos taken on a smartphone to put on display,
they are deterred from doing so, either due to a perception that photos
taken on mobile devices aren’t good enough quality (31%), are difficult
to get from a mobile to a printer (15%) or because they simply don’t
know how to print from a mobile phone (19%).

Lee Palmer, Vice President of Kodak Alaris Imaging division, EAMER,
said: “11.8 billion photos is a significant number and over a quarter of
people were ‘devastated’ to lose their pictures. Considering we live in
a digital world and are likely to have experienced some form of digital
loss, be it a document, email or something as valued as photos, it’s
surprising that so many people aren’t doing more to prevent themselves
from having to deal with the frustration this causes. With the new KODAK
MOMENTS App, there’s a solution.”

Gadget Girl presenter Nikki Moore, commented: “As someone that takes a
lot of pictures, particularly of my children, I can totally relate to
feeling devastated at losing photos. Kodak Alaris’ study highlights the
need for people to take measures against losing their content, as you
don’t realise quite how much it’ll impact you until it happens, and by
then it’s too late. I’m a real advocate of printing my photos as then
they are not only safe, but available for everyone to enjoy. The KODAK
MOMENTS App makes this really easy to do.”

The app’s intuitive design and easy navigation make printing anything
from 4”x 6” to 12”x 8” prints, including square options, simple. Users
can enhance images with text, filters, red eye reduction and cropping.
They can also preview their images and order different sizes and copies.

The KODAK MOMENTS App’s all-in-one features include:

  • Choose from a wide range of products and create beautiful prints of
    your memories on your mobile device anywhere, anytime
  • Upload your photos directly to a Wi-Fi enabled KODAK Picture Kiosk and
    print your photos instantly to take them home straight away. Take your
    pick from a variety of photo products on the KODAK Picture Kiosk.
    Wi-Fi enabled KODAK Picture Kiosks are available at KODAK Express and
    selected Tesco stores
  • Order your prints to be delivered direct to your home, anywhere in the
  • Order on the go and arrange to collect your prints up from your
    nearest store the same day
  • Take photos with the in-app KODAK MOMENTS camera and capture your
    moments and memories

    • Make your memories more beautiful and edit your photos by
      cropping, rotating, adding colour filters and captions

Lee Palmer, concluded: “Simple acts, such as printing photos, are an
easy way to protect your memories. Our new, free, all-in-one KODAK
MOMENTS App, lets you capture, edit, share and print life’s special
moments, enabling people to enjoy their precious memories for years to


Notes to editors:

  • Research key findings – Additional stats can be provided on request

    • Four per cent of people have over 2,501 photos stored on their
      mobile device
    • Nearly one in five people in the UK (19%) look at the images
      stored on their device daily
    • In spite of a nonchalant attitude to protecting our content, we
      put a huge amount of effort into capturing images, with a third
      (34%) of us taking anywhere between four and 10 images of the same
      thing in an attempt to capture the best picture
    • A third (33%) of people said that looking at physical photos,
      rather than digital ones (14%) elicits a more positive emotional

      • 70 per cent of people feel nostalgic when they view a printed
      • Over half (54%) of people say viewing a printed photo makes
        them feel happy
    • Nearly half of people (44 per cent) have lost photos because of a
      broken/corrupt device
    • One in 10 people lost photos from a phone as a result of dropping
      it down the toilet or a similar mishap
    • The most common emotional response to losing photos was to be
      upset (63%), while many were irritated (47%) or angry (42%)
    • Half of 25-34 year olds use a cloud storage service to protect
      their photos compared to just 28 per cent of those who are 55+
    • 12 per cent of people print their photos to prevent them being lost
    • 18-24 year olds are the most likely to
      print their photos to prevent loss (16%)
    • 30 per cent of people have lost photos through defunct tech:

      • Floppy disks: 32%
      • Mini disks: 22%
      • VHS: 12%
      • Zip disk: 11%
    • Almost half of people surveyed (46%) are worried about being able
      to access their photos in the future (10 years’ time)

      • Over half (56%) are worried about the fact that technology
        will change
      • Nearly a third (30%) worry that they won’t be able to find
        their images
  • Additional app enhancements and photo products will be available soon
  • The new KODAK MOMENTS App is available for download in the APPLE
    App Store
    for iOS devices and in the GOOGLE
    PLAY Store
    for ANDROID devices

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1 Survey of 2,000 British adults researched by Redshift
Research in August 2015

2 Calculation based on 52 million smartphones in the UK.
Source: Futuresource


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