Korean Beauty Brand ‘Lalavesi-Moisturizer’ Is the First Cosmetic to Sell 1 Million Products Online

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Korean Beauty brand ‘Lalavesi’ which is famous for its ‘Akma Cushion’ is
getting worldwide attention including America.

Lalavesi is the first brand launched by Korean cosmetics company KB
Pacific Co., Ltd (CEO: Won Jin, www.lalavesi.com)
and it has been attracting public’s attentions by making a record of
selling 20,000 products within a day since the launch of its
moisturizing cream ‘Akma
’ in 2012. In 2014, KB Pacific launched ‘Akma Cushion’ and the
product has been emerged as a dark horse in cosmetics market by selling
50,000 a day, being listed as No.1 bestseller in several online markets
and receiving Grand prize in Top Products of the Year contest. Totally,
Lalavesi has sold over 1 million moisturizing creams in the shortest
period of time in Korean online market.

Its popularity continues in overseas by receiving many offers from
global agencies. According to Lalavesi, they received hundreds of offers
from the agencies in Asia such as China, Hong Kong and Japan as well as
in America.

Online brand Lalavesi focused on ‘branding’ without having a single
offline distributor.

“Other Korean cosmetics brands have grown by focusing on market and
channel based on sales and distribution.” said Won Jin, CEO of Lalavesi.
“They are making profits out of distribution rather than branding even
though they have excellent products.”

It’s quite amazing that Lalavesi is making success by branding without
distribution or sales. Their potential is huge as they are selling two
products in one market and have been maintaining fixed price policy
since 2012.

They positioned their product as ‘excellent product developed by
researchers of Lalavesi’ despite their brand name, Akma which means
devil. Also, they overcame the limitation of online market that
customers can’t experience the products before purchasing by offering ‘3
month warranty and free shipping for return’.

CEO Won Jin said “We have received offers from global markets since 2012
but we have been postponing the offer because my goal is to position our
products as attractive product in overseas market rather than to make

He also added that “We’ve decided to get sales licenses in Asia, America
as well as Europe because I think the time has finally come.”


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Kyung Ran Lee, +82-2-725-8826