KOREAN TL PLASTIC SURGERY, Everyone Has the Right to Look Beautiful; Useful Advice by TL PLASTIC SURGERY for Your Smooth Skin and Skin Elasticity

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TL’s SMAS LIFTING is the best beauty treatment procedure to restore your
youth. The difficult-to-erase sign of aging disturbs women to create a
perfect look and makes them less confident.
If you’ve longed for
the beauty you used to have when you were young although you reckon
aging means you have more experiences and precious memories in your
life, you will find a right solution by having a consultation with Dr.
Jung YeonHo at TL Plastic Surgery.

The increasing number of the international patients from US, UK,
Indonesia, etc. have visited Korea to see Dr. Jung for their sagging
skin. For the middle-aged women, it is necessary to make sure that they
choose professional and effective procedures in order to improve the
wrinkles. And POWER PULL SMAS LIFTING is the right solution to tightly
lift SMAS layer up, which is designed to lift not only the layer but
also the skin surface.
SMAS is a layer of tissue deep within the
skin between the subcutaneous layer and muscular coat; which means it
can be regarded as a root of the skin. SMAS LIFTING entails a minimal
incision to lift SMAS with a special medical thread; and the thread is
used to tighten the skin twice through the scalp.

Dr. Jung’s expertise enables the patients to have a tiny incision along
the back of the ear as well as the semi-permanent effect. It is more
effective and lasts longer than the preexisting wrinkle-treatment
procedures; furthermore, as no implant is used, the face looks natural
without the feeling of irritation. The safety of SMAS LIFTING is
guaranteed by Dr. Jung who always adheres to using the certified
products because he prioritizes the safety.

To restore your youth, you would rather not consider the wrinkles the
natural sign of the time but look after yourself by having SMAS LIFTING
that brings you back to your late 20’s along you’re your confidence.
Remember SMAS LIFTING at TL Plastic Surgery is the most effective and
right solution for your beauty.


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