Lansinoh Brings Long-Overdue Innovation in Nursing Pad Category

Global Leader in Breastfeeding Products Raises the Bar with
State-Of-The-Art Nursing Pads, Offering an Unparalleled Level of Comfort
& Confidence for Nursing Moms

ALEXANDRIA, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lansinoh Laboratories, the market leader in breastfeeding accessories,
has launched a new type of nursing pad that is unlike any pad on the
market today. The new Lansinoh® Ultimate Protection Nursing Pads are
engineered to be discreet and effective, ensuring that breastfeeding
moms stay comfortable, confident and dry – day and night.

“The breastfeeding experience for any mom has countless benefits, but it
can have a few challenges. And we’re here to help moms with real
solutions,” said Gina Cicatelli Ciagne, Certified Lactation Counselor
(CLC) and Vice President of Global Healthcare Relations for Lansinoh.
“One of those challenges can be staying dry and comfortable between
feedings or pumping sessions. No mom wants a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ in
the form of a visible leak on a blouse or dress, especially at work or
in another public setting.”

Lansinoh’s Ultimate Protection Nursing Pads have a super-soft lining
with air pockets that produce a gentle, dry feeling against sensitive
skin. Underneath that lining, moms will notice a blue square – a unique,
InvisiLock™Core – that instantly captures and disperses moisture away
from the center, creating a dry, comfortable fit even as the pad absorbs

Beyond providing unparalleled comfort, this absorption technology helps
ensure the pad won’t leak, because it captures 20 times its weight in

Even when the nursing pad is saturated, it stays smooth under clothing –
only the person wearing it will know it’s there. Very thin and discreet,
the pad does not clump and it will stay in place thanks to two adhesive

Beyond this exciting new product, Lansinoh offers a complete lineup of
nursing pad solutions, which also include:

  • Lansinoh® Ultra Soft Disposable Nursing Pads, which are best for
    expectant and new moms whose breasts can be very sensitive and tender
    as they prepare for and get accustomed to breastfeeding.
  • Lansinoh® Stay Dry Nursing Pads – the No. 1-selling nursing pads on
    the market, trusted by millions of moms to deliver leak-proof
    protection for light to moderate leakage.

The Ultimate Protection Nursing Pads are priced with an MSRP of $8.99
for 50 pads. The Stay Dry Nursing Pads come in 36, 60, and 100-count
sizes, with an MSRP range of $5.99-$13.99. Lansinoh Ultra Soft pads are
sold in 36-count boxes with an MSRP of $5.99.

Along with this launch, the company is proud to announce that it has
made its No.1-selling Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags even better.

These new bags have reinforced, double-sealed side seams along with a
patented, double Click’n’ Secure™ seal to help prevent leaks. The
BPA/BPS-free bags are pre-sterilized and now have a tamper-evident,
tear-away top for safety.

The Lansinoh Ultimate Protection Nursing Pads and the new Breastmilk
Storage Bags will be available online this month on Amazon and other
e-retailers, as well as in stores nationwide, including Target, Babies R
Us, Buy Buy Baby and other fine retailers.

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