Lansinoh Launches The First Bluetooth®-Enabled Breast Pump

Global Leader In Breastfeeding Offers Mothers “A Smarter Way To Pump”

ALEXANDRIA, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lansinoh Laboratories, a global leader in breastfeeding products and
accessories, adds to its legacy of first-to-market innovation by
launching the Lansinoh® Smartpump, a double
electric breast pump designed for today’s busy mom. The new Smartpump is
the first pump on the market to incorporate Bluetooth®
technology that allows for seamless pairing between the pump and a new,
free Lansinoh Baby™ app.

The Smartpump syncs to the Lansinoh Baby app, and records the date,
time, and duration of each pumping session. Using the app, moms also can
record the amount of breastmilk pumped per session, making tracking and
record keeping much more simple and convenient.

Intuitively designed and easy to use, the app also can track
breastfeeding and bottle-feeding sessions, diaper changes, and baby’s
growth, making it a one-stop resource for families. Users can easily
view their baby’s feeding history and other trends on charts. Logs of
these activities can be downloaded and shared with healthcare providers.

Finally, the app contains numerous tips and links to resources, so that
moms have information, advice, encouragement, and more at their

In addition to smartphone integration, the Smartpump offers outstanding
pump performance for customizable and efficient pumping sessions.
Lansinoh is the only pump brand with three pumping styles and eight
adjustable suction levels, allowing each user to select the setting that
most closely mimics her baby’s natural feeding pattern.

The Smartpump also features a hygienic closed-system design, an
important safety feature that prevents mold and bacteria growth in the
pump motor and tubing, keeping expressed breastmilk pure. These
features, Bluetooth connectivity, and the pump’s compact size and quiet
motor make it an all-in-one solution for pumping moms.

“Lansinoh created the breastfeeding product category more than 30 years
ago when our founder, a breastfeeding mom herself, developed Lansinoh
Lanolin Nipple Cream,” said Lansinoh’s Vice President of Global Health
Relations Gina Cicatelli Ciagne, who is also a Certified Lactation
Counselor (CLC). “Today, we’re proudly building on this heritage of
innovation by developing high quality, thoughtfully designed,
leading-edge solutions for moms and babies.”

“Breastfeeding is a wonderful way for mom and baby to bond,” added
Ciagne. “But breast pumping is truly a labor of love that is often a
necessity when they are apart, so that mom can maintain her supply and
leave expressed breastmilk for her baby’s caregiver. We’ve designed the
Smartpump to help simplify the pumping experience, delivering
convenience, comfort, efficiency, and performance all in one package.”

The Smartpump is offered at an SRP of $199 and is sold as part of a
bundle that includes a tote, cooler bag, and bottle-feeding accessories.
It launches nationally at Babies R Us this week, followed by launches at
and Buy Buy Baby. In addition, the pump will be available through many
health insurance plans.

For more information on the Smartpump and other Lansinoh product
innovations, go to

About Lansinoh Laboratories

Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh has been committed to helping
moms succeed in breastfeeding for over 30 years. Famous for its
award-winning cornerstone product, HPA® Lanolin, Lansinoh®
is now a leader in breastfeeding accessories, which are available in
nearly 60 countries. For more information, please visit,
or connect with LansinohUSA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
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