Lantern Credit Engages with Saros to Leverage Advanced Cognitive Artificial General Intelligence

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a relationship to offer the most advanced machine learning
technologies commercially available to the consumer credit scoring
ecosystem, Lantern
, a financial technology company working to solve systematic
inefficiencies in the consumer credit industry, has engaged with Saros,
a leader in cognitive Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) solutions
for financial firms.

Saros is the financial industry partner of Trusted Autonomy, Inc., a
world leader in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Cloud Computing.
Trusted Autonomy, and its parent company Beyond Limits, have the
exclusive commercial license and access to the advanced Cognitive
Artificial General Intelligence technologies developed by NASA, JPL and
Caltech over the past 20 years. Saros will work to deliver the Beyond
Limits’ Cognitive AGI and Cognitive Agent Cultivation and Reasoning to
perform human like reasoning and individual intent with rapid,
continuous, autonomous learnings to Lantern Credit. The engagement
brings together three companies dedicated to exploring ways to deliver
revolutionary technology to the financial sector.

“Lantern Credit’s revolutionary consumer credit products will be the
perfect showcase for our cognitive AGI solutions and will hand consumers
much needed tools to manage and improve their credit scores and
financial wellness,” said Saros Founder and CEO, Tripp Potter.

“Our cognitive AI team is thrilled to be working with Saros and Lantern
Credit to develop more accurate, transparent and real-world behavioral
and intent-based credit predictions and prescriptions to aid both
financial and lending institutions as well as consumers,” said AJ
Abdallat, CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Limits, Inc. “The
resulting solutions can diagnose risk, measure intent, predict behavior,
act, respond, learn, and reason autonomously.”

The patent-protected Lantern CreditTM Platform integrates and
enhances key components of the consumer credit ecosystem by removing
inefficiencies that hinder financial institutions and consumers working
together to build financial wellness. Lantern intends to leverage these
technologies to better match consumers and financial institutions with
credit and financial products.

“The future of consumer finance lies in both better data and better
analysis. Whether a financial institution or retailer is making a
decision on a consumer or a consumer is deciding what actions to take to
improve his or her financial wellness – data and machine intelligence
are the future,” said Chad Swensen, CEO of Lantern Credit. “Our
relationship with Saros will provide our partners in the financial
industry with the best possible decisions available to enhance their
lending, debt repayment, and understanding of the financial situation of
their customers. This will enable the financial institutions to provide
insights and tools to improve their customers’ overall financial

About Lantern Credit

Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., Lantern Credit, LLC is a
financial technology company working to solve systemic inefficiencies in
the consumer credit market by developing a proprietary platform that
integrates and enhances key components of the consumer credit, debt,
credit reporting and scoring industries. The Company’s transformative
technology, including the Interactive Credit ReportTM,
empowers consumers to model the impact of their financial actions on
their credit scores, make payments, and accept new credit offers. The
Lantern Platform can be licensed by financial institutions, strategic
partners, and credit reporting agencies. For more information, visit

About Saros

Saros delivers financial market solutions using the best-in-class
Cognitive Artificial General Intelligence – developed by NASA, JPL, and
CalTech over the past 20 years. Originally designed for unmanned space
flights, this best-in-class cognitive AGI has been proven in space, deep
space, and commercial applications. Saros is the first and only provider
of this cognitive AGI to the financial industry in areas such as
investments, funds, and trading, banking, consumer credit, and more. For
more information, visit

About Beyond Limits and Trusted Autonomy

Beyond Limits, Inc. is the parent company for Trusted Autonomy, Inc.
(IoT Cognitive Agents), Beyond Limits Life Sciences, (Health Management
Insights), and Mobila (IoT Real-time Content Delivery Network). Launched
in 2012, as a Caltech/JPL startup, Beyond Limits leverages the expertise
and technologies from the leaders in Artificial Intelligence and
Cognitive Cloud Computing from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
based on 20 years of proven success supporting NASA and the Space
Program. For more information, visit


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