leakSMART™ Makes Big Impression on WE tv’s The Lifestyle List

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–leakSMART™, as seen on WE tv, is today’s leading smart home water leak
detection and prevention solution – and a favorite of The Lifestyle
List’s host, Michelle Yarn.

The TV segment illustrated how the leakSMART™ Valve and wireless and
waterproof leakSMART™ Sensors – alongside a compatible smart home system
hub and app – work together to eliminate the threat of preventable water
damage in the home by automatically shutting off the home’s water supply
as soon as a leak is detected.

Yarn also mentioned various applications for leakSMART™, as well as
strategic sensor placement. She noted that homeowners should place
leakSMART™ Sensors throughout the home near plumbing fixtures, pipes and
appliances such as a washing machine, dishwasher and hot water tank.
Whenever these Sensors detect a water leak, the sensors alarm, and the
leakSMART™ Valve is notified – immediately shutting off the home’s water
supply to eliminate the threat of water damage. Simultaneously, the
homeowner receives smart device app notifications and alerts – all in
less than five seconds.

Perhaps most importantly, during the on-air product spotlight, Yarn
highlighted the overwhelming need for consumers to protect their homes
from preventable water damage. She noted that according to the Insurance
Information Institute, water damage from leaking appliances or burst
water lines is the second most common insurance claim and the average
home insurance claim from water damage totals nearly $8,000.

JaNette Barnett, vice president of marketing and sales for Waxman
Consumer Products Group – leakSMART™’s parent company – commented about
the system’s recent television feature.

“As an award-winning solution in today’s connected home market,
leakSMART™ is used to being recognized among industry insiders,” Barnett
said. “But to have a home and style maven like Michelle Yarn endorse
leakSMART™ is truly flattering.”

leakSMART™ is available nationwide at Lowe’s®, The Home Depot®
and Amazon.com. It is also available directly from the manufacturer at www.getleaksmart.com.
leakSMART™ works as a stand-alone system, or it can be added to any
compatible ZigBee® smart home system currently available for
purchase, including Wink® from The Home Depot and Iris®
by Lowe’s.

To view leakSMART™’s appearance on The Lifestyle List, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_An2LHP1yc.
For more information about leakSMART™, visit getleaksmart.com.

About leakSMART™

leakSMART™ is a patented water leak prevention solution that provides
complete home water protection with leak detection and monitoring for
everything from burst water supply lines, washing machine leaks, and
leaks from other everyday appliances and plumbing fixtures throughout
the house. leakSMART™ then automatically shuts off the main water supply
when a leak is detected in the home. The system also immediately alerts
the homeowner on a smart device when a water leak occurs — all in less
than five seconds. For more information about leakSMART™, visit

About Waxman Consumer Products Group, Inc.

leakSMART™ is a trademarked solution that has been designed, developed
and manufactured by Waxman Consumer Products Group, Inc. (Waxman). Based
near Cleveland, Ohio, Waxman has more than 500 employees from around the
globe who design, develop and distribute efficient and innovative
products for nearly every room in the home. The company specializes in
surface protection and floor care, home improvement and hardware, and
home organization and storage solutions, among other categories. For
more information about Waxman or any of its brands and solutions, visit


Waxman Consumer Products Group, Inc.
Ann Poston, Director