Don’t Leave It Too Late to Switch to Winter Tyres

  • Better grip at low temperatures, whether you’re driving on dry,
    wet, or snow and ice-covered roads: For increased safety, drivers
    should switch to winter tyres in plenty of time – and replace old,
    worn-out tyres.
  • Comprehensive range, reasonable prices, individual advice: At, customers can find their perfect winter tyres quickly
    and easily.

HANNOVER, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–When autumn arrives and temperatures start to drop, it’s time for
drivers to switch to winter tyres. At average temperatures below seven
degrees Celsius, they offer better grip than summer tyres, and thus
improve road safety. It’s not for nothing that many European countries
require adequate winter tyres by law. But winter tyres don’t just show
their strengths in wet, snowy and icy conditions. The softer rubber mix
used in winter tyres also ensures improved grip on dry roads. Wider
tread grooves and, above all, lots of (usually zig-zag) sipes reduce the
risk of the car slipping on snow, mud, or ice. In addition, winter tyres
are designed to reduce the risk of aquaplaning on wet roads, thanks to
improved water displacement.

“The arguments in favour of winter tyres aren’t limited to snow and ice.
They also show off their advantages in regions where winter is
characterised by lower temperatures and increased rainfall”, says
Thierry Delesalle of
“The age, wear, and tread depth of the tyre are decisive in this”,
advises Delesalle: “Winter tyres should be replaced at least every four
years. Even if they haven’t done much mileage, the rubber hardens and
the grip deteriorates. The tread depth is also important, of course.
Regardless of the legal minimum, winter tyres shouldn’t have a tread
depth of less than four millimetres.”

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