National Geographic Channel Announces Commemorative Programming Event to Honor 15th Anniversary of Sept. 11

National Geographic Channel to Air an Entire Day of Tribute
Programming Culled From 10 Consecutive Years of Critically Acclaimed
9/11 Documentary Specials, Culminating With the World Premiere of a New
Two-Hour Special, 9/11: The Longest War

9/11: The Longest War Will Air Sunday, Sept. 11, at 9/8c

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On the 15th anniversary of Sept. 11, the National Geographic Channel
will commemorate the tragic events of that fateful day, and the ongoing
war that followed, with a daylong television tribute culled from 10
consecutive years of critically acclaimed 9/11 programming and the world
premiere of a new compilation special, 9/11: The Longest War.

The programming event begins Sunday, Sept. 11, at 12/11c with encores of Giuliani’s
9/11, CIA Confidential: Hunt for Bin Laden, CIA Confidential: 9/11
Mastermind, Witness: D.C. 9/11, 9/11: The Firemen’s Story
, the
Emmy-nominated miniseries Inside 9/11 and a special encore
presentation of George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview, followed by
the world premiere of a powerful new compilation special, 9/11: The
Longest War
, airing at 9/8c.

“Beginning in 2005 with our critically acclaimed series Inside 9/11,
National Geographic Channel has covered the Sept. 11 attacks through
unprecedented access, exclusive interviews and in-depth storytelling in
a way that no other network has,” said Tim Pastore, president of
original programming and production. “9/11: The Longest War brings
together the best of National Geographic’s coverage as we continue our
commitment to go beyond what’s been widely reported and reveal a clearer
picture of the events that shaped our nation and the years that

The new two-hour special provides a comprehensive look at the past 15
years — from the buildup to the attacks as the devastating events
unfolded, to the military response in the years that followed — leading
up to the present day. 9/11: The Longest War draws from a wide
range of sources, including over 40 original National Geographic
interviews with survivors, first responders, experts, journalists,
politicians and military leaders; news footage and eyewitness videos
culled from a rarely seen 400-hour archive; and chilling audio
recordings from on board the doomed planes and inside air traffic

Hear from those who worked inside the World Trade Center, whose snap
decisions resulted in narrow misses of the attack. Footage from the
Pentagon crash site taken shortly after impact captures a raw view of
the devastating aftermath. Confronted by a city on its knees, New York
City’s then Mayor Rudy Giuliani opens up about his own emotions in the
midst of crisis, even as word reached him of the deaths of personal
friends and the very colleagues he would have turned to for counsel.
While some of the nation’s top military leaders also weigh in, both Gen.
David Petraeus and Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal reflect on the events that
forever changed America.

Drawing from National Geographic Channel’s extensive and critically
acclaimed library of series and specials, 9/11: The Longest War
offers a 360-degree perspective of the deadliest attack on American soil
and the ongoing war on terror that followed.

Full Schedule of Sept. 11, 15th Anniversary Commemorative Programming

Giuliani’s 9/11
Sunday, Sept. 11, at 12/11c

Unique insights and personal
reflections from Rudy Giuliani, the world-famous mayor, recall the day
America suffered the worst terrorist attack in its history. In Giuliani’s
, archive footage and high-end graphics support compelling
interview material in presenting a behind-the-scenes look at the
shocking events that would permanently leave their mark on New York.

CIA Confidential: Hunt for Bin Laden
Sunday, Sept. 11, at 1/12c

Just days after the horrific attacks
of 9/11, a team of seven CIA agents snuck into northern Afghanistan and
began to lay the groundwork for war. The goal of the operation, dubbed
“Jawbreaker,” was to take out al-Qaida, break the Taliban, and find and
kill Osama bin Laden. NGC tells the story of this dangerous covert
mission from the point of view of the CIA officers and top-secret Delta
Force operators involved.

CIA Confidential: 9/11 Mastermind
Sunday, Sept. 11, at 2/1c

The bombing of the World Trade Center
in 1993 sets off one of the biggest manhunts the world has ever
known. The CIA and its intelligence partners around the world follow a
chain of evidence from the Philippines to rural Pakistan to capture the
man behind the plot: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. But before they can find
him, he engineers the biggest terrorist strike on America in history:
the attacks of 9/11.

Witness: D.C. 9/11
Sunday, Sept. 11, at 3/2c

Using raw video and audio, Witness:
D.C. 9/11
reconstructs the events of Sept. 11, 2001, in and around
Washington, D.C., as first the nation, and then the nation’s capital,
came under assault. From the Pentagon to the White House, from Air Force
One to air traffic control, this one-hour documentary captures the mix
of confusion, fear, panic and chaos that shook the city and, in turn,
profoundly affected America’s response to the day’s events.

9/11: The Firemen’s Story
Sunday, Sept. 11, at 4/3c

Follow the story of several of the
firefighters whose courage and sacrifice made them national heroes. This
is the inside story of the firemen of 9/11 and how the New York Fire
Department survived the worst day in its history.

Inside 9/11: The War Continues
Sunday, Sept. 11, at 5/4c

NGC tells the evolving story of
radical Islam’s war against the West. Osama bin Laden has finally been
brought to justice, but al-Qaida is still going strong. For bin Laden,
9/11 was just the beginning. The attack was designed to spark a
revolution and create a whole new generation of men willing to wage
jihad against America. But 10 years later, these same men have eclipsed
bin Laden on the global stage. And their call to jihad has gone viral,
with terror groups using the Internet to recruit and radicalize future
attackers in the name of Allah.

Inside 9/11: War on America
Sunday, Sept. 11, at 6/5c

War on America takes viewers
into the secret world of al-Qaida and traces the rise of Islamic
fundamentalism, beginning with the 1979 Soviet-Afghan War and the
transformation of Osama bin Laden from fundraiser to terrorist
mastermind. Delve into the inner workings of al-Qaida as its members
plot and execute the 1998 embassy bombings and the bombing of the USS
Cole. Inside 9/11 follows the timeline that spanned decades,
circled the globe and ultimately led to the horrific morning of Sept.
11, 2001.

George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview
Sunday, Sept. 11, at 8/7c

In his most in-depth and intimate
interview on the topic to date, the former president tells his
first-person story, starting with his morning jog before the school
visit where he first learned the nation was under attack. He opens up
with candid details and personal experiences on the grueling hours and
pressure-packed days that followed the attacks.

9/11: The Longest War
Sunday, Sept. 11, at 9/8c

Drawing from NGC’s extensive and
critically acclaimed library of series and specials, 9/11: The
Longest War
reflects on the years leading up to and following the

9/11: The Longest War is produced by National Geographic
Channel. Executive producer is Erik Nelson, producers are Robert Zakin
and Erin Reuss, and president of original programming and production is
Tim Pastore.

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