New at Pixum: Customised phone cases for more than 200 smartphone models

COLOGNE, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Customised phone cases for many smartphone models

A life without smartphones is hard to imagine nowadays. Those small
all-rounders are already an integral part of our daily lives.
Nevertheless, they often lack that personal touch. Luckily, Pixum has
greatly extended its range of personalised photo phone cases. Almost
everyone will find the right case for them: Pixum Phone Cases are
available for over 200 different smartphone models. Customise your high
quality case in only a few steps at
Simply upload your favourite photo: i.e. your most beautiful holiday
photo or a picture of your friends or partner.

Side-flip Case

The Pixum Side-flip Case is a genuine all-rounder. This robust and
elegant faux-leather case protects the smartphone from all sides. The
case has practical compartments for credit and business cards, and a
handy magnetic lock. In addition, there are recesses for all controls.
The Side-flip Case is available for € 32,95.

Down-flip Case

Anyone looking to turn their smartphone into a fashionable accessory,
won’t be disappointed at Pixum: While most phone cases only protect the
body of the phone, the faux-leather Pixum Down-flip Case covers the
entire unit. There is an integrated hard case inside, in which the cell
phone is clipped. The Down-flip Case is available for € 29,95.


Fans of outdoor activities or extreme sports should opt for a Pixum
Tough-Case. On the outside, it consists of a scratch- and
impact-resistant hard shell with high-quality photo print. On the
inside, it has a shock-proof silicone case. The Tough-Case is available
for € 29,95.

Silicone Case

The shock-proof Pixum Silicone Case provides an excellent grip. Even
during sweaty activities such as sports, this case ensures excellent
handling. With a fantastic print on flexible material, the Silicone Case
is available for only € 19,99.


Another newcomer to our range of photo products is the Pixum Hard-Case.
These cases are made of high-quality plastic, which fully protects both
the back of the phone, and its sides. The controls and sensors remain
free for an unhindered access. Hard-Cases are available for € 19,99.

Premium Case

The classic Pixum photo mobile case is the Premium Case. This case
provides protection with an all-round print, with brilliant colours up
to the last millimetre. Premium Cases are available for € 24,99.

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