New Beauty Brand Promises to Revolutionize Body Care

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DIYBeauty–Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of Oleum Vera®, a line of
DIY beauty kits with a focus on the natural, the fresh and the edible.

Oleum Vera® takes inspiration from bountiful nature to create products
that empower consumers to reclaim their beauty regimen, using fresh
ingredients from their pantry and fridge, natural clays, and organic
butters and oils.

The new brand is anti-GMO, pro-customization, pro-organic and
pro-sustainability, and its mission goes beyond a new take on beauty.
The Oleum Vera® philosophy is a revolutionary one: providing women and
men with the ingredients and the knowledge they need to re-appropriate
their body care routine and tailor it to meet their own unique skin and
hair needs, with the kits’ high customizability setting them apart from
other DIY products currently available on the market.

As the beauty industry relies more than ever on harmful chemicals,
one-size-fits-all mass production, and unsustainable sourcing, Oleum
Vera® hopes to be a breath of fresh air for increasingly knowledgeable
consumers. Founder and CEO Jonathan Coutu explains: “I believe many of
us are now looking to get back to basics: a few carefully sourced,
natural ingredients rather than a list of 20 unpronounceable ones”.

“What we really wanted, he continues, was to present a complete natural
beauty routine, right from the get-go.” In this spirit, the new brand is
starting strong with no less than six kits, each focusing on one area of
what Oleum Vera® calls homecooked beauty: cleansing, moisturizing, whole
body care, spa-style pampering, hair care, and men’s body care.

Each kit includes an assortment of plant-based oils and essential oils,
and in some cases, powdered clays, algae, and dried flower petals. All
ingredients were handpicked for their numerous benefits to the skin,
hair and senses, always with sustainability in mind. The kits are
certified 100% organic, and each one comes with a booklet filled with
customizable recipes and illustrated how-to’s.

The complete Oleum Vera® range is available in France starting today, on


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