New iDevices® Smart Home Essentials Kit Delivers Seamless Smart Home Evolution Complete with Concierge Service

iDevices delivers its first curated selection of premium,
personalized, hub-free smart home products in one thoughtful package

AVON, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–iDevices®, the preeminent brand in the connected home
industry, introduces the Smart Home Essentials kit, an Apple®
HomeKit and Alexa-enabled system featuring three iDevices Sockets
(connected light bulb adapters), five iDevices Switches
(indoor connected plugs) and two iDevices Outdoor
(rain-tight connected plugs).
Unlike other smart home systems on the market, the iDevices Smart Home
Essentials kit requires no central hub, gateway or bridge. This premium
selection of smart home products comes with a first of its kind,
exclusive Concierge Service, giving users priority support access and
the ability to set appointments with iDevices’ smart home experts for
everything from product setup to advanced use tutorials.

This unique Concierge Service offers users priority access to the
iDevices team of Connecticut-based smart home experts. Customers have
the option to schedule a personalized, guided setup to ensure their
transition to a smart home is simple and seamless. With the purchase of
the Smart Home Essentials kit, users get priority access to the iDevices
Concierge Service made up of smart home experts adept at supporting
iDevices products and other manufacturers as well. iDevices will also
provide personalized tips, tutorials and exclusive promotions to take
full advantage of what the Smart Home Essentials kit has to offer. Once
customers are setup and ready to go, the iDevices Connected app serves
as the central controller, providing users with convenience, security
and the ability to control their home from anywhere.

The Smart Home Essentials kit was born from iDevices’ vision that home
automation should be as seamless and invisible as possible to the user.
Smart home products should enhance everyday life and create peace of
mind, not headaches. iDevices set out to simplify and educate consumers
with one package that will deliver the ultimate smart home experience
that programs and pays for itself. The Essentials kit serves as a smart
home foundation which users can easily and dynamically expand upon with
new products and customizations moving forward, especially as iDevices
expands their product offering. The company just released a line of in-wall
at CEDIA in Dallas and also plans to offer the option to
build personally-tailored bundle in the future. In addition to working
with Apple® HomeKit, all iDevices products are
compatible with Alexa-enabled accessories and the company plans to
announce Android compatibility later this year.

“We wanted to make it easy for consumers to make their homes smart.”
said Chris Allen, CEO of iDevices. “This kit serves as the foundation
for building a smart home and is an all-in-one solution that users can
setup simply and confidently. We have our Concierge Service on hand to
walk our customers through the setup process and educate them on how to
make the most of their smart home. We think this will help eliminate any
apprehension consumers have had about smart homes in general and make it
that much easier to enjoy the benefits.”

What’s in the Box?

Three iDevices Sockets – Simply screw any standard light bulb
into Socket to turn it into a smart bulb that can be controlled from
anywhere using the iDevices Connected App. With dimming functionality
and a customizable LED nightlight, users can easily set the mood for any
occasion by changing the light color and adjusting the brightness.

Five iDevices Switches – The connected plug makes it easy to
control, monitor and program electronic devices like lamps, fans,
crockpots, space heaters, humidifiers and more, using voice commands or
the iDevices Connected app.

Two iDevices Outdoor Switches – By bringing the intelligence and
intuitiveness of the iDevices Switch to the outdoors, this HomeKit
enabled, rain-tight plug allows users to control, monitor and schedule
electronics on the exterior of their home by using voice commands or the
iDevices Connected app. Ideal for holiday lights, spotlights and outdoor
water fountains, the Outdoor Switch has dual outlets for simultaneous
control of two products.

iDevices Connected App Features

The free iDevices Connected app allows users to easily add any iDevices
product to their home network, securely pair them with their smartphone
or tablet, add them to a room, set dynamic schedules and add custom
photos and names. The app also has the unique ability to support HomeKit
and Alexa-enabled products from other manufacturers.

  • Easy and Straightforward – iDevices products do not require an
    external hub or subscription and work right out of the box with a
    simple connection process. Users do not even need to know their Wi-Fi®
    password to get set up.
  • Access from Anywhere – Users can securely access iDevices
    products from anywhere through the iDevices IoT Cloud Infrastructure.
    The cloud service is free and requires no login.
  • Custom Scenes and Schedules – With an intuitive interface,
    users can quickly design custom schedules and scenes that fit their
    lifestyle. iDevices products have the unique ability to remember
    events and ensure sure they happen even when the user is away.
  • Energy Reporting – The iDevices Switch and Outdoor Switch
    provide customers with energy tracking and reporting to help save
    money on utility bills.
  • Personalization – Users can upload photos of their home, rooms
    and accessories to the iDevices Connected app to add a personal touch
    and improve visual navigation.

The iDevices Smart Home Essentials kit is available for $499 at

About iDevices, LLC:

iDevices, the preeminent brand in the connected home industry, has
developed a premium line of HomeKit-enabled products available
at the largest retailers worldwide, while expanding to new platforms and
Alexa-enabled accessories like Amazon Echo. Through the “Designed with
iDevices” co-development program and its custom-built IoT Cloud
Infrastructure, iDevices works with other highly recognized consumer
brands to bring the power of connectivity to their customers. By
designing and developing its technology in-house, the Company is able to
seamlessly connect people to their worlds with thoughtfully simple
products that enhance everyday life. For more information, visit


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