New Survey from Always Discreet™ Bladder Protection Reveals Sensitive Bladders Can Make U.S. Women Feel Nearly a Decade Older

This National Bladder Health Awareness Month, Always Discreet
Encourages the 40 Million Women with Sensitive Bladders to Speak Up &
Live their Best Life

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Crow’s feet, yes. Grey hair, definitely. But did you ever think your
bladder could make you feel older? Nearly 13 million American women with
sensitive bladders say their bladder leaks make them feel about nine
years older than they actually are, according to a new IPSOS survey*
from Always Discreet. Sensitive bladder is not always an age-related
issue and shouldn’t be a taboo topic. This National Bladder Health
Awareness Month, Always Discreet is on a mission to educate women about
this health topic, normalize the conversation and help women feel
protected and more confident. By spreading the word that women with
sensitive bladders are not alone and that one in every three women ages
18 to 75 experiences bladder leaks, the topic becomes easier to discuss1.

“With age comes wisdom and experience, but it can also include new and
unexpected signs of growing older that can impact your body and life,”
said Barbara Hannah Grufferman, positive aging expert and author of the
best-selling book The Best of Everything After 50. “National
Bladder Health Awareness Month is a great time for women of all ages to
assess their needs and learn how to manage their sensitive bladders, so
they can live life to the fullest!”

The fact of the matter is, one in three women with sensitive bladders do
not use any protection products, but for the women who do, many find
they have an added benefit – more confidence! In fact, the new Always
Discreet survey shows that most women with sensitive bladders (72
percent) who do use bladder protection say they feel more confident
because of these products**. To help women feel no older than their
actual age and to feel more confident, Always Discreet is encouraging
them to get a free sample of their incredibly comfortable liners, pads
and underwear on during National Bladder Health
Awareness Month this November, while supplies last.

Bladder Leaks & Everyday Life

Revealing data from the new Always Discreet survey shows:

  • Women with sensitive bladders feel less confident than those who don’t
    experience leaks, in certain situations like:

    • Travelling long distances
    • Being in an unknown or unfamiliar area
    • Being on a date or romantic night out with a partner
  • A third of women with sensitive bladders (33 percent) admit they lack
    the confidence to wear the clothes they want and that they tend to
    wear dark colored clothing or loose clothing on their bottom half.
  • One in two women (50 percent) with sensitive bladders wish they were
    having more sex in their life.
  • A quarter of women (26 percent) with sensitive bladders admit their
    condition impacts their happiness.

By understanding that body changes are a natural part of being a woman
and impact many, women can make positive changes and not let bladder
leaks hold them back from activities they love.

How to Talk to a Doctor

The new Always Discreet survey shows that most women with sensitive
bladders (74 percent) have not spoken to a health professional about
experiencing leaks. For some women it can be a tough discussion, but it
is important to remember that health care professionals are there to
help. Always Discreet recommends that women keep a diary to help the
doctor uncover any patterns as women seek the care they deserve.

“By teaming up with Always Discreet, I want to ensure all women have the
confidence to talk to their health care professionals about their
bladder health, and are inspired to feel youthful and energized about
life, no matter what changes happen to their bodies, and this starts by
using the right protection,” said Grufferman. “And with the right
protection, women can feel empowered to take that long trip, go on that
romantic night out, wear that fitted dress and live their best life!”

Backed by the Good Housekeeping seal of approval2 and a money
back guarantee, Always Discreet’s liners, pads and underwear are
designed to offer protection and discretion, in a flattering feminine
design, that absorbs leaks and odors in seconds. Always Discreet pads
are up to 40 percent thinner than the leading brand and absorb twice as
much fluid as women may need, based on the average consumer usage of
incontinence products. The curve-hugging, disposable Always Discreet
underwear is easy to wear and has the extra protection of Dual LeakGuard
barriers™ to help stop leaks where they are most likely to occur.

Always Discreet liners, pads and underwear are available in all major
supermarkets, pharmacies and mass retail locations. For additional
information about Always Discreet products or to learn more about
managing a sensitive bladder, please visit

* About the Always Discreet Survey & Methodology
has a rich heritage of supporting women through their life stages and
now offers Always Discreet, a range of incontinence liners, pads and
pants designed to light to heavy degrees of bladder sensitivity. The
Always Discreet US Survey was conducted using the IPSOS Panel that
surveyed a total of 400 American Women (aged 35 to 65 years old): one
group of 200 women who have experienced any urine loss/bladder weakness
in the past three months and one group of 200 women who had not
experienced bladder weakness. Significance testing between the two
groups was done at 90% confidence level. The survey was implemented
between the dates of September 15, 2015 through September 25, 2015.

**In the study there are 65 women with sensitive bladders who use
specific products for bladder leaks.

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1 Fem Care AI analysis – Nielsen Homescan Panel ending
March 2012 looking at Fem Care purchases in HH 50+ that have no
teenagers at home.

2 Based on review by the Good Housekeeping Research


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