NTT Solmare Releases Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock!, the Highly Anticipated #1 Dating Simulation Game New Title That Offers a Taste of Britain!

Can these smart detectives solve the mystery of love?

OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NTT Solmare Corporation, a leading love simulation game company, has
released a social-based dating sim game “Shall we date?: Guard me,
Sherlock!+” in the iTunes
App Store
, android.shef&esheet=51412942&newsitemid=20160905005124&lan=en-US&anchor=Google+Play&index=2&md5=7f5d459196543d18bf62720107f5fcdf” rel=”nofollow”>Google
Play, and Facebook.


-Receive complimentary Story Tickets which are restored automatically.
as many mysteries as you like.
-Choose options wisely for a sweet
and romantic ending.
-Dress up with a variety of avatar items to
suit his taste in fashion.
-Be impressed by beautiful illustrations
and dramatic sound effects.
-Link account on Facebook.

Guard me, Sherlock! is not a conventional dating sim game. It
has a mystery-solving feature, which would make the gaming experience
even more exciting. We hope that users lead our challenge to a success,”
said Senior Vice President, Yasuhiro Manabe.

Story Summary

You visit the office of a consulting detective Sherlock Holmes in hopes
of finding a solution for your personal issue. The encounter with unique
individuals gets you involved with cases. 221B Baker Street soon becomes
your home and a mysterious millionaire takes you on a luxury train trip.
Life in London has suddenly become exciting that your days get filled
with fun surprises. When these fascinating characters notice your charm,
they confess their love to you… Now the destiny is in your hand. Solve
the mystery and find your true love!


The game is free to play. (In-app purchase available)

Release Date

September 5, 2016(PDT)




Supported OS Versions

Mobile:   Android: 4.4 or later
iOS: 7.0 or later


-Windows 10: the latest version of Google Chrome


-Mac OS X: the latest version of Google Chrome


How to Play

Mobile: Download>
Go to Facebook Games site on computer devices and search the game
me, Sherlock”


Official Trailer:
we date?

About NTT Solmare Corporation

NTT Solmare is one of the largest Japanese digital contents providers in
Japan including Digital
Book (e-Book) Enterprise
and Game
. “Shall we date?” has gained support from 172 countries,
having average review score of 4.4/5.0 in iTunes App Store as of June
2016. Game popularity keeps increasing with great reputation from
customers. NTT Solmare Corporation will continue providing our customers
with a great satisfaction in creating advanced services from the
customers’ perspective, holding the corporate mission: “We, NTT Solmare,
offer new kinds of surprise and plenty of excitement to our customers,
contributing to enrichment of our society.”


NTT Solmare Corporation
Mayu Nakashima / Tsutomu Kitaoya,
Game Department