Nuance Extends Dragon TV with Nuance Mix

TV manufacturers and cable providers can leverage Nuance’s natural
language developer platform to extend conversational experiences
customized for the connected home

Communications, Inc.
(NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced that it is
extending its Dragon
solution with its Nuance
NLU developer platform, giving cable operators and TV
manufacturers the ability to create customized conversational
experiences for their TVs, remotes, set-top boxes, smart home companion
apps and content services. Nuance will be demonstrating Dragon TV and
Nuance Mix’s ability to extend the smart TV experience into an
Internet-of-Things driven connected home at 2016
and at
the INTX Imagine Park
on May 18th.

A recent
McKinsey Connected Homes report
found that 50% of consumers who own
two or more connected home devices would like a universal hub. But
without the ability to quickly and easily engage these devices, IoT
devices can quickly go from intelligent to inconvenient.

“Voice is already proving to be an incredibly valuable element of the
connected TV user interface. We’ve powered billions of voice
transactions in Smart TVs with nearly 75% of consumers using the voice
interface when available,” said Kenn Harper, vice president, Nuance
Devices and Ecosystem. “Voice will have a similar impact on the Smart
Home as conversational interactions are key to user adoption among the
Internet of Things. Cable operators and TV manufacturers have a
signification opportunity to extend their TV experience to other devices
in the home. With the average user spending more time in front of their
TV than any other digital fixture in the home, the voice interface from
the TV is primed to serve as a central hub for the household.”

Nuance’s Dragon TV platform already powers millions of smart TVs
globally, giving manufacturers and service providers the ability to
customize and integrate voice-enabled command and control and content
search – all optimized for the TV experience. By offering the Dragon TV
functionality from within the Nuance Mix platform, not only can TV
providers get immediate access to all the existing Dragon TV
functionality, but they can now use the Nuance Mix development tools to
build fully custom natural language interactions to control other apps
and devices in the home, such as the thermostat, lighting, home security
systems, music speakers, and much more.

For example, with a single user interface on the TV someone can simply
say “find me dramas with Bruce Willis,” then ask “who is at the front
door” to get a live video stream from an integrated home security
system, then quickly ask the TV to “dim the lights” to control their
smart lighting system just in time for the start of the movie. And with
Dragon TV’s voice biometrics, the smart home experience becomes
incredibly personalized in an environment where many connected devices
are shared. Dragon TV’s voice biometrics also gives parents the ability
to control program access for younger viewers.

Nuance Mix Delivers the Most Open, Flexible Set of Voice Development

Nuance Mix gives developers access to the same foundational technology
that powers some of the world’s most pervasive virtual assistants, built
on Nuance’s leading AI and cognitive capabilities. Coupled with Nuance’s
leading voice recognition and text-to-speech, developers can use Mix to
create custom voice and natural language models within minutes that are
fully optimized to work together to deliver incredible accuracy for a
set of tasks defined by the developer.

And Nuance Mix offers a unique ability to automate a workflow and roll
anonymized speech data back into their models to continuously improve
accuracy. As a result, the user experience continues to improve over
time – and developers gain behavioral insights into new features that
can or should be powered by voice.

Nuance Mix offers the most comprehensive set of speech tools and
services for IoT and consumer electronics, and is an open platform
offering cross operating system and cross platform support through open
internet protocols like WebSockets. And for ease of development, Nuance
Mix offers SDKs for iOS and Android, as well as for sample applications
in popular languages including Python, C, Javascript, and more.

Dragon TV powered by Nuance Mix will be made available this summer,
supporting US and UK English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and
Chinese. Nuance Mix also provides access to Nuance’s Speech Kit SDK with
support for more than 40 languages for voice recognition, and more than
80 distinct voices for text-to-speech.

more about Nuance Mix
and Dragon TV at Nuance’s booth 1654 at INTX
and about development opportunities for the connected home and TV. Can’t
make it to INTX? Check out Nuance
Mix and Dragon TV in action here

Nuance’s portfolio of voice, touch and natural language understanding
innovations are defining a new generation of intelligent systems and
personal assistant technologies. With Nuance technology, people
experience more humanized interactions with the world’s best phones,
tablets, computers, cars, TVs, apps and services from leading
manufacturers, network operators and service providers.

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