Pennsylvania Medical Directors Overwhelmingly Stand with Golden Living

Golden Living’s caregivers unite in support of the company and fellow

PLANO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a bold stand, 25 Golden Living Medical Directors in Pennsylvania have
signed a declaration to affirm their support of the company and their
caregiving team. The declaration letter also was published in Harrisburg
over the weekend to show these physicians’ support.

“As the chief medical officer, I applaud these medical directors in
their decision to stand fast with Golden Living,” said Golden Living
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Yao. “Their commitment to serving our
patients and their families reflects our company’s mission to provide
the best standard of care possible.”

The letter signed by the Golden LivingCenter Medical Directors was as

“As Medical Directors of long-term care facilities we’ve dedicated
our lives to the health and well being of this fragile population.
Caring for our nation’s aging population is a calling for us. We bring
our clinical knowledge, experience, empathy and teamwork to the
LivingCenters and communities we serve.

Many of our residents and their families aren’t aware that long-term
care facilities are one of the most highly regulated healthcare groups
in the country.
Golden Living’s mission is to provide the highest
quality of care while meeting the stringent standards and oversight of
the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services.

We invite the members of our local communities to call or visit their
LivingCenter and see the outstanding care we provide to our patients and

Signed by the following Pennsylvania physicians:
Alan Abramowitz, DO
Riffat Akhtar, MD
Domenick Brasile, DO, CMD
Gerald Byers, MD
Nicholas Chiumento, DO
Catherine Cunningham, DO
Robert Detweiler, DO, CMD
Matthew Dvorchak, Sr., MD, CMD
Concepto Flores, MD
Michael Gilhooley, MD
Juanita Kreiser, DO
Thomas Kunkle, DO, CMD
Horace Martin, III, MD
Stephen Matse, DO, CMD
Michael McLaughlin, MD, CMD
Charles Meidt, MD
Jeannette Morrison, MD
Charles Pagana, MD
Gretchen Platt, MD
Sean Porbin, MD, CMD
Frank Reusché, DO, CMD
Susan Rossino, MD
Gary Russell, MD, CMD
Charles Sturm, MD
Vincent Trapanotto, DO, CMD

About Golden Living (

Golden Living is a family of companies that specialize in recovery care
and is a national leader in providing skilled nursing and post-acute
care. Our mission is to share our passion for improving quality of life
through innovative healthcare, one person, one family and one community
at a time. We help people recover their health and improve their quality
of life through a network of healthcare services including rehab,
assisted living, skilled nursing care, hospice and palliative care. The
Golden Living family of companies includes Golden LivingCenters, Aegis
Therapies, AseraCare and 360 Healthcare Staffing. There are 295 Golden
LivingCenters in 21 states. Golden Living also offers assisted living
services at 12 locations. In addition, the Golden Living companies
provide services to more than 1,000 nursing homes, hospitals and other
healthcare organizations in 41 states and the District of Columbia.
Collectively, the Golden Living family of companies has more than 40,000
employees who provide quality healthcare to more than 60,000 patients
every day.


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