PetLife: Holistic Pet Health is Next Big Trend in Veterinary Medicine

Pharmaceuticals, Inc
. (OTCQB: PTLF) (the “Company”), a developer of
a new generation of high potency veterinary cancer medications and
nutraceuticals for pets, released today an overview of the current state
of holistic pet health practices in veterinary medicine.

As discussed in a recent report
by the Company, a health-conscious society is creating the desire for
holistic health options for both themselves and their pets. According to
the National
Center for Health Statistics
, Americans spent approximately $30.2
billion in 2012 on holistic health approaches for themselves and their
family. With pets increasingly being referred to as members of the
family, this demonstrates a trend that will soon impact the pet
healthcare industry.

“Over the years, the paradigm shift in veterinary practices to include
alternative medicine is directly related to consumer preferences for
natural, nonintrusive, and often more affordable wellness solutions,”
said PetLife President, Geoffrey Broderick, Jr. “This phenomenon is
growing across the globe and current statistics of holistic health
adoption are much higher than what is being reported since many
veterinarians may not register themselves as offering holistic
approaches as part of their practice, simply because they don’t have the
time or may not participate in a particular association.” For example,
the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association has approximately
1,000 members in the U.S., yet this growing organization comprises less
than one percent of those veterinarians whom currently offer holistic

Holistic medicine is attractive to pet owners for the same reasons they
are attracted to it themselves: It focuses on preventative treatments
and the mental and emotional wellbeing of the patient in order to
maximize healing. For both humans and animals, holistic approaches may
include treatments such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, chiropractic
care and massage, homeopathy, and nutrition.

According to a Kroger Co. 2011 survey:

  • 61 percent of pet owners admit they would spend between $100 and
    $1,000 for life-saving medical treatment.
  • 15 percent would pay between $1,000 and $3,000.
  • 10 percent said they would pay $3,000 or more if necessary.

“The availability of veterinarians that offer holistic health approaches
is not meeting the demand from pet owners,” added Dr. Geoffrey
Broderick, Chairman of the Product Advisory Board at PetLife.
“Traditional health approaches are generally unaffordable for most pet
owners, as well as undesirable due to the inherent side effects.
Companies like PetLife are striving to fill this gap in the pet care
industry by developing and making available nutraceuticals, drugs,
supplements, and pet foods that are affordable, non-invasive,
eco-friendly, and holistic in nature. Of course, the ultimate goal of
natural products is to prolong pets’ lives in the first place and
prevent cancer and other diseases prevalent in companion animals.”

About PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

PetLife Pharmaceuticals (OTCQB: PTLF) (
is a registered US Veterinary Pharmaceutical company, incorporated in
2012. PetLife’s mission is to bring its new, scientifically proven,
non-toxic, potentiated bioactive nutraceuticals and prescription
medication, Vitalzul™, to the world of veterinary oncology—with the
ultimate goal of preventing cancer and extending the life of pets
suffering from cancer while improving their quality of life. In the US
alone, consumer spending on domestic companion animals reached over $60
billion in 2015 with over $29 billion spent on veterinary care and

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