PG&E Helped Customers Save Through Energy Efficiency Programs in 2015

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today announced that PG&E
customers saved $227 million on their energy bills through energy
efficiency programs in 2015. By participating in these programs, on
average, a typical PG&E residential customer saved $60-100 during the
year, along with doing their part for climate change and cleaner air by
reducing their energy waste.

Through energy efficiency programs and much more, PG&E supports
California’s ambitious clean energy goals to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions to combat climate change and improve air quality. This summer,
PG&E encourages customers to take advantage of the various programs,
tools and tips available to save energy and lower their electric bills
when it gets hot.

“As we head into summer, we want to remind customers about the many ways
they can save energy as temperatures start to rise from now through
October. Because PG&E is committed to ensuring affordability for our
customers, we encourage them to save energy at home and work. By
choosing from the many programs and tools PG&E offers, customers can
take control of how much energy they use, and help create cleaner air in
California,” said Vincent Davis, PG&E’s Senior Director of Energy
Efficiency Programs, Policy and Strategy.

Customers can consider the following energy efficiency options to help
save energy this summer and year-round:

  • Start your summer off right: Sign up for My
    Account on
    to stay on top of your energy usage
    and monthly statement. Be sure to review the different rates to make
    sure you’re on the option that works best for you and your family.
    Contact PG&E on our dedicated rates hotline at 1-800-743-0514 with any
  • Know where you stand: Ensure energy efficiency at home with a
    free Home
    Energy Checkup
    . This simple web-based assessment allows
    customers to find out how much of their household’s energy goes to
    heating, hot water, appliances, and lighting, and receive a customized
    list of tips to boost energy efficiency within their home.
  • Take control of your bills: During the summer, more energy is
    used with kids at home and air-conditioning needed around the clock in
    hot climate areas. By signing up for PG&E’s newly improved Energy
    , customers can better manage their summer bills and
    avoid being surprised by a high energy statement.
  • Before you cool down, get a checkup: Customers who sign up for
    the SmartAC
    program receive a $50 incentive for participating in this easy and
    automated program that helps prevent power interruptions during
    high-usage times like the hottest summer days. New to this year,
    customers enrolled in the program receive a free AC Check Up from a
    SmartAC technician to make sure equipment is running smoothly to avoid
    wasting energy. Up to 50 percent of home energy spending goes to
    heating and cooling, so a healthy AC reduces your home’s electricity
    usage and costs.
  • Be rewarded for buying energy efficient appliances: PG&E
    is a one stop shop for all energy saving
    appliances and consumer electronics – including those that offer
    customers money back via a rebate. Customers can receive a rebate of
    up to $150 by buying energy efficient clothes
    and explore Advanced
    LED lighting
    options, which use 75 percent less energy than
    incandescent lightbulbs.
  • Cool down in your community to stay refreshed: PG&E’s
    Cooling Center Program
    , in partnership with local counties,
    offers customers a cool place to go during times of extreme heat. Find
    a location online at
    or by calling 1-877-474-3266.
  • Swim to more energy savings: Pools are a great way to keep cool
    over the summer, but pool pumps often consume the most energy in a
    home. PG&E offers a $100 Pool
    Pump Rebate
    to help customers with pools save energy
    with a more energy efficient pump, which can save customers up to
    $1,000 in energy costs per year.
  • Save both energy and water: With California still experiencing
    severe drought despite recent rains, The
    PG&E Simple Savings Kit
    offers residential gas and
    electric customers an easy and affordable way to save water and
    energy. The kit includes efficiency-boosting products that are easily
    incorporated into customers’ homes to help reduce energy and water
    waste – including a high-efficiency shower head, two bath faucet
    aerators, two LED light bulbs and more. For only $10 (a $70 retail
    value), customers can save on bills and help to promote sustainability.

For more tips on what you can do in your home this summer, visit

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