Philadelphia Mummers Unveil Newly Refreshed Website offers a wealth of background information about the
various groups, Mummers’ history, training and education materials, and
charitable endeavors.

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Philadelphia Mummers today unveiled a newly redesigned and updated
to give their fans and Mummers themselves a convenient, one-stop
location to get information about Mummers history, what differentiates
the various Mummers Divisions, education and training materials, updates
on Mummers activities, news about their work in the community, and much

A key feature of the new website is the section on Educational Sessions.
In the aftermath of last year’s New Year’s parade controversy, leaders
from the five traditional Mummers Divisions issued an open letter
decrying the insensitivity and bigotry displayed by a group of parade
marchers and declaring that such demonstrations are at odds with the
Mummers’ desire to provide safe, family-oriented entertainment that is
inclusive and respects everyone regardless of culture, race or sexual

As part of that commitment, Mummers leaders spent the better part of the
year working with City officials, educators and other professionals to
develop a series of live training sessions and videotaped presentations
on cultural appropriation, the appropriate use of satire, and LGBT
sensitivity. Videos of these training sessions are available for viewing
on the

For any groups planning to incorporate a specific cultural or ethnic
theme, Mummers leaders at the beginning of the year established the
requirement that Mummers include advisors from the particular cultural
or ethnic group to assure that the planned entertainment program is
respectful of its culture and traditions.

In addition, the Mummers agreed to submit details about their planned
programs or skit themes, costumes and make-up in advance so that City
officials can make recommendations on presentations that might be
considered offensive. Any Mummers groups that do not comply with the
information they submit will not be eligible to be judged.

“Those of us who have spent our lives promoting the traditions and
family-oriented values that the Mummers represent were, frankly, quite
embarrassed last New Year’s Day by the outrageous actions of a few
out-of-control parade marchers,” said George J. Badey, III, an attorney
who is also a lifetime Mummer and chairman of “Love the Mummers”

“It was disheartening to see those incidents continuously rerun on
television, in newspapers, and in social media channels – and to know
that Mummers in general were being judged based on those graphic
scenes,” he said.

“During the past year, we’ve worked diligently with City officials,
members from various cultural and ethnic groups, and the LGBT community
to raise awareness among our members and to make sure those kinds of
ugly displays are not repeated.”

“We hope people will take the time to view the new
website so they can get a better idea of what Mummers are about, what we
do to support other organizations and individuals in our communities,
and what we’ve been doing to reach out and encourage diverse cultures
and groups to become part of this great tradition,” Badey said.


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