Philips SpeechMike Premium white edition is now available

Philips drives innovation with brand new Philips SpeechMike Premium

Processing Solutions
, the international leader in professional
dictation has launched a brand new dictation microphone. The new
SpeechMike Premium ‘white edition’ features a studio quality precision
microphone, a built-in noise-reduction filter and antimicrobial housing.
The new device saves users’ time and resources by helping them become
more flexible and productive.

Dr. Thomas Brauner, the CEO of Speech Processing Solutions explains: “The
SpeechMike Premium increases the efficiency of the speech-to-text
process, which improves the lives of busy professionals and allows them
to focus on the essentials. Doctors can spend less time on
administrative processes and have more time for their patients.”

Philips sets benchmarks

Philips is known for its high quality dictation
devices, with the SpeechMike
being the benchmark device in many sectors, especially in the medical
and legal industries. “The sound quality of the new dictation devices
is noticeably superior to our previous ones, making it easier for the
secretaries to transcribe the dictations for our medical staff,”

says Annie Sneftrup, Functional Manager for the secretaries at
Aleris-Hamlet in Denmark, one of the leading healthcare operators in

Efficient workflow and convenient transcription

Philips SpeechMike Premium recordings can be sent off to be processed by
a transcriptionist, speech recognition software or Philips dictation
workflow solutions such as SpeechLive
and SpeechExec. Workflow software helps users create a smooth, safe work
cycle between authors and transcriptionists and permits them to monitor
the progress of their work at all times. SpeechLive even offers a transcription
for users who do not have access to their own
transcriptionist or who require additional assistance during peak times.

Made for frequent use

The advanced ergonomic design which fits perfectly into the user’s hand
and is comfortable to use, even when recording
for several hours a day. The devices are easy to integrate into existing
IT solutions and are backwards compatible with the previous models
SpeechMike 3 and SpeechMike 2, meaning you can operate in a mixed
versions environment without any complications. The special white
housing fits perfectly into medical settings and can easily be cleaned
using disinfectant wipes. The Philips SpeechMike Premium is the ultimate
work tool for users who want to save time and become more efficient in
their daily workflow.

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Philips is now offering a free 30-day SpeechLive trial including 10 free
transcription minutes at:

About Speech Processing Solutions

Processing Solutions
is the global number one in professional
dictation. Founded in Austria in 1954 as part of Philips, the company
has been the driving force in speech-to-text
innovations for over 60 years. Always striving for excellence and
putting emphasis on outstanding quality, the company has designed
groundbreaking products, such as the portable Philips
Pocket Memo voice recorder
, the Philips
SpeechMike Premium
dictation microphone and the Philips
SpeechExec dictation recorder app
for smartphones. The latest
innovation, Philips
, makes dictation quicker and more convenient than ever
before, by bringing secure dictation workflow to the cloud and enabling
seamless speech-to-text with the new service Philips SpeechScribe. With
solutions perfectly tailored to individual industry needs, Speech
Processing Solutions has helped millions of satisfied customers around
the globe save time and resources, allowing them to work as efficiently
as possible.

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