Physician’s Computer Company and THINKMD Partner to Bring Advanced Clinical Assessment Technology to US Pediatricians

PCC and THINKMD sign partnership to bring MEDSINC to the US market

Computer Company
two leading healthcare technology companies from Vermont, signed a
memorandum of understanding to bring THINKMD’s cutting-edge clinical
assessment telemedicine platform to market. PCC pioneered the first
pediatric office management and medical record system in 1983. THINKMD
is an early-stage, healthcare-innovation company focused on creating
novel solutions that expand access to healthcare for everyone,
everywhere in the world.

This memorandum of understanding formalizes a strategic partnership
between the companies that was established shortly after THINKMD’s
inception in 2014. PCC’s President, John Canning was captivated by
THINKMD CEO Dr. Barry Finette’s vision to create a novel, simple to use
clinical assessment tool delivered on a mobile phone for unskilled
users. Canning worked closely with Dr. Finette and a team of physicians
from the University of Vermont Medical Center to develop the prototype
and minimal viable product (MVP) of the software platform, called
MEDSINC. To date, MEDSINC has been tested with world-class partners in
the United States, Bangladesh, Peru, Ecuador, and Burkina Faso, with
extremely positive reactions to the effectiveness and utility of the
product. Our most recent testing was done in partnership with UNICEF.

MEDSINC is an integrated medical intelligence platform that transforms a
mobile device into a self-training, patient-centric clinical assessment
tool that enables parents and untrained caregivers to gather critical
patient information and share it with their physicians. MEDSINC helps
simplify and streamline information flow between physicians and the
families they serve, and offers remote clinical assessment that will
improve care, save lives, and reduce unnecessary healthcare
expenditures. THINKMD and PCC see strong demand for the platform’s
capabilities in the US healthcare market.

“When developing this platform with the THINKMD team, it became obvious
that the healthcare issues we are attempting to solve in resource poor
countries hadn’t been solved in the US healthcare market,” said John
Canning, Founder and President of PCC. “MEDSINC presents an attractive
telemedicine functionality to PCC’s current electronic health record
offering and we see demand for telemedicine solutions from our existing
clients in the US.”

“THINKMD’s mission is to develop truly global solutions for expanding
access to quality healthcare for everyone, everywhere,” said Dr. Barry
Finette, Founder and CEO of THINKMD. “The ongoing partnership with PCC
has not only supported THINKMD’s technology development, but has offered
customer and healthcare professional validation and a viable path to
market for THINKMD’s initial product in the US.”

The memorandum of understanding outlines the strong partnership between
the companies and defines a clear path to bring MEDSINC to market in the
US. Implementation with patients and providers will begin this spring
with a full-scale launch of the MEDSINC platform scheduled for the fall
of 2016.

THINKMD is a global healthcare innovation
company. We develop solutions that expand quality healthcare coverage
for everyone, anywhere in the world. Founded by two pediatricians, our
team includes broad expertise ranging from software, public health,
international business, and data analytics. Every day we work to
leverage evidence-based medicine and world-class technology to increase
healthcare capacity, evolve healthcare delivery, and collect and analyze
critical public health data that will improve clinical outcomes,
surveillance, and healthcare management globally. THINKMD is a
registered benefit corporation.

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About PCC
PCC (Physician’s Computer Company) is an
independent software solutions firm exclusively working to meet the
needs of independent pediatricians nationwide. Since 1983, we have built
tools, provided consulting, and offered support to pediatric practices
that seek to improve the health of their patients and improve their
bottom lines. At PCC, the needs of our clients come first. We go above
and beyond to do the right thing for all practices we work with —
something that sets PCC apart in our industry and has earned us national
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family. PCC is a registered benefit corporation.

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