PICKUP Launches Corporate Partnership Program for Retailers and Announces First Five Partners in DFW Metroplex

Customers Enjoy On Demand Delivery Service

the on demand delivery service featuring good guys and their pickup
trucks, launched their corporate partnership program for retailers
today. The first five retailers to participate include Dallas/Fort Worth
locations of GR
Home Furnishings
, Grandeur
, I.O.
. Port
& Manor
and West

“We are thrilled to partner with some great companies in the DFW
metroplex,” said Brenda Stoner, Chief Good Guy, PICKUP. “We provide
customers the convenience of on-demand delivery of large items. When
someone finds something they want to buy from a showroom floor, they
want it immediately. PICKUP’s Good Guys enable great experience for
customers at point of sale.”

These first five partners understand that providing exceptional customer
service is required by retailers. Additional partners are forthcoming.

“Traditional retailers are facing significant challenges. Customers are
opting to shop their stores then go online to find best pricing and
delivery. This showrooming is causing them to rethink their approach to
inventory, distribution and delivery. Customers now expect same day
service. Many stores have delivery services but these are often
scheduled for a week to ten days from purchase. Now retailers have a
reliable ally in the consumer experience challenge by providing
on-demand delivery,” continued Stoner.

PICKUP helps retailers increase turns and velocity of floor models and
in-stock items that fit in the bed of a pickup truck. For some consumers
a purchasing decision can hinge on being able to leave the store with
item in hand.

“Our retail partners understand their customers’ needs and now have a
solution to a sales-limiting business problem,” commented Stoner.

PICKUP can be ordered from a mobile app (iTunes
or Google
), a computer (www.pickupnow.com),
or by calling 800-560-2168.


PICKUP™ is an on demand service featuring good guy drivers and their
pickup trucks. No more renting trucks for moving or hauling large items,
or asking to borrow a friend’s pickup truck. PICKUP™ brings this
experience directly to your mobile device. PICKUP™ drivers are trust
verified, insured, and customer goods are insured for up to $20,000. The
drivers include off-duty firemen, military and veterans who are “good
guys” that people recommend. The Company was founded in 2014 and is
based in Dallas, TX. For more information please visit www.pickupnow.com
or follow us on Twitter
or Facebook.


Stacey Gaswirth, 214-213-4675