Preferred Meals Launches Innovative School Meal Serving System

BERKELEY, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–School districts hard-pressed to come up with innovative solutions in
meal presentation, cafeteria design, menu creation and school nutrition
education are being introduced to “Serve & Learn Smart Line,™” a
new meal serving system developed and launched this fall by Preferred
Meals. Preferred Meals has installed its serving system in 250 schools
across the country.

The “Serve & Learn Smart Line™” helps students build a healthy meal tray
while learning more about good nutrition. The system brightens
lunchrooms with its vibrant graphic displays and color coded meal bins,
and it organizes daily meal components. The meal items are placed in the
color coded bins and colorful signs direct students to items with
protein, vegetables, fruit and whole grain.

Brightly colored bins match the graphics of each food category each day
for easy visual selection. The display also provides a posting of the
day’s menu at the beginning of the line. A unique aspect of the display
is the ease in set-up and student access to each meal component
condiments and milk on its own shelf.

“Serve & Learn Smart Line™” utilizes a self-contained storage
cart designed for quick and easy installation and use within existing
school cafeteria facilities and tables. The design permits students to
move through the food line and make their food selection less time
consuming. A poster sleeve with seasonal healthy messages is rotated
throughout the year.

After the initial concept testing was completed last year, school
foodservice staffs across the country were contacted to review the
approach. Reviews generated an overwhelmingly positive response and many
districts were extremely interested in implementing the new serving
system this year.

“Since the school lunch legislation Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
was proposed and passed, Preferred Meals has focused its efforts on
providing high-quality, good tasting balanced meals to meet the new
regulations. While meals are healthier today than ever before, meal
presentation, student nutrition education and increasing student
participation have remained topics of concern for school districts,”
Clare R. Keating, SNS, Vice-President of Marketing said.

“This new system makes it easy for our students to identify the meal
components and makes learning about meals choices fun. The set-up is
easy and we found the speed of the double-sided line is faster,” said,
Janice Wolff, Cicero Public School District 99, Foodservice Director.
“The new system has created excitement among our students in learning
about healthy food choices,” she added.

“We are addressing all the foodservice concerns and we believe this new
meal serving system will have significant impact on student
participation for school districts,” Keating said. Preferred Meals is
one of the country’s largest and most respected suppliers of healthy,
affordable and well-balanced meals to public and private school
districts and charter schools.

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