Protective Head Gear Maker Sport Shieldz® Sees Interest, Sales Climb along with Concussion Awareness During NFL Playoffs

“It’s the perfect storm of head-related injury awareness”

Bill Jennings, inventor of Sport Shieldz® impact-dissipating
safety gear

AURORA, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With the NFL playoffs in full swing and a peak in awareness of
sports-related concussions and traumatic brain injury, an innovative
Denver-area company is seeing a spike in interest and sales of its
wearable protective
head gear

“It’s the perfect storm of head-related injury awareness,” said Sport
® CEO, inventor and founder Bill Jennings. “You
can’t talk about the NFL playoffs without the issue of concussions
coming up.”

Approximately 1.6 million to 3.8 million sports- and recreation-related
concussions occur in the U.S. each year, according to research cited by
the BrainLine
project. The Sports
Concussion Institute
reports that more than 50 percent of high
school athletes have sustained a concussion before participation in high
school sports, and 36 percent of collegiate athletes have a history of
multiple concussions.

Sport Shieldz Protective
Head Gear
is an impact-dissipating, foam-padded skull cap that has
been proven, in most cases, when worn alone or with other properly
fitted sports helmets, to reduce a percentage of g-force that would have
normally reached the brain during certain collisions.

The NFL playoffs, along with the recent movie Concussion
starring Will Smith, NFL
concussion litigation
and recent local
have given Sport Shieldz a jumpstart on 2016 for its line
of protective head gear.

“All the buzz is great for our business, but it’s especially good for
building awareness of sports-related concussions and traumatic brain
injury,” said Jennings, who initially developed his Sport Shieldz idea
based on his days of playing high school football. “The awareness is
driving a lot of research and innovation in terms of identifying,
treating and preventing head trauma in sports.”

Unlike animals such as bighorn sheep and woodpeckers, which have natural
shock absorbing mechanisms inside the skull creating a “bubble
wrap effect
,” humans have no natural ability to protect the brain
from such impacts. However, with the right materials and design, the
severity or amount of some head-related injuries can be reduced by
dissipating the G-force created by certain impacts.

Listed among Sport Shieldz customers are a major metro Denver-area public
school district
along with athletes, parents of athletes and
competitors in all walks of sporting and outdoor activities, including:
lacrosse; hockey; baseball; basketball; skateboarding; skiing; cycling;
motocross; rodeo; and equestrian events. Sport Shieldz has also catered
to the special needs population and drawn interest from various
occupational activities.

“No head gear can claim to prevent concussions, but Sport Shieldz can
provide peace of mind by delivering an added measure of protection,”
said Bill Jennings. “Our company’s focus is on proactively reducing the
risk of sports-related concussions, but we’re all working toward the
goal of providing extra protection and extra safety before serious
injuries happen.”

lab tests
have proven that Sport Shieldz padded skull caps can
decrease the amount of G-force that will reach the head. While Sport
Shieldz cannot guarantee avoidance of head injuries, any percentage of
decrease in impact can be beneficial. Sport Shieldz is lightweight,
fashionable, washable and antimicrobial. Additionally, Sport Shieldz
skull caps do not void National
Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment
certification, because skull caps are specifically not the kind of
product that would create a “new model” of helmet, according to current
NOSCAE guidelines

About Sport Shieldz

Founded in early 2012 by Bill Jennings, Sport Shieldz is committed to
safety, and the research and product development of cutting-edge,
comfortable head gear. Our line of protective skull caps are produced
with state-of-the-art, impact-dissipating antimicrobial foam. These caps
can be worn with or without helmets and are suitable for most types of
sports and helmet-wearing activities. The team at Sport Shieldz also
believes in educating athletes and parents of active children in the
principals of head safety. We encourage the importance of wearing proper
helmets and safety gear and practicing proper activity techniques. For
more information or to order our products, visit,
find us on Facebook at
or call 866-211-0043.


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