QuicStick® Introduces Portable Driving Hand Controls for Handicapped and Disabled Drivers

QuicStick® Controls Provides the lowest Cost Alternative to
Electronic Hand Controls with a Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–QuicStick® (https://www.quicstick.com)
announced today the launch of QuicStick Portable Hand Controls.
QuicStick controls set the standard in quality construction and design,
at the lowest price point of any national brand of vehicle driving
controls. This innovative product allows physically challenged drivers
to quickly and easily install hand controls to the gas and brake pedals
of virtually any vehicle. Drivers can easily operate a vehicle’s
acceleration and braking functions by hand.

Hand controls are made from lightweight, sturdy aluminum and come with a
comfortable non-slip handgrip and quick access connectors. QuicStick car
hand controls affix to virtually any car or truck and can be used on the
go with rental cars or when traveling. QuicStick is also offering a
30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. “QuicStick is so easy to
install and travel with that it changes the way disabled drivers think
about driving,” said Jaime Martinez, President of QuicStick. QuicStick
controls also benefit those that only need a temporary solution for
driving mobility including diabetes patients, leg or foot injuries, or
physical therapy patients.

To learn more about QuicStick Portable Hand Controls visit their website
at www.quicstick.com
or see the video link at http://www.quicstick.com/
– !videos/c1jbw

About QuicStick®

QuicStick is leading producer of mobility products serving disabled
drivers. The company’s suite of products focuses on providing disabled
drivers with the independence to get out and enjoy life. QuicStick uses
the only finest materials and craftsmanship in their products and
provides the most competitive price points across their product lines.
To learn more go to http://www.quicstick.com
or call 619-399-6443.


Jaime Martinez, 619-399-6443