Recovery Centers of America Appoints Beth Caraccio CEO of RCA at Lighthouse in Mays Landing, New Jersey

MAYS LANDING, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In an effort to combat New Jersey’s mushrooming addiction crisis, Recovery
Centers of America (RCA)
has appointed the former Tri-State
Regional Executive of one of the nation’s largest providers of
non-profit human services as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Beth Caraccio, MS, will lead a team of medical, clinical, wellness, and
support professionals at Lighthouse
, which was recently acquired by RCA and serves as the first
operating location in a network of neighborhood-based addiction
treatment centers the organization is opening throughout the Northeast
U.S. The expansion is being financed by a recently announced $231.5
million in funding
that RCA secured through New York City based Deerfield
Management Company

This appointment marks a dramatic reinvention of Lighthouse, which for
more than 25 years has served as a respected model for the delivery of
substance use disorder treatment. Since the acquisition in March 2016,
RCA has renovated Lighthouse, enhancing the property and applying a new
model of clinical care.

“Lighthouse stands as our flag in the sand in New Jersey, offering new
hope to families and individuals struggling with addiction,” says Chief
Clinical Officer of Recovery Centers of America Dr. Deni Carise. “As the
first RCA-branded treatment center, we believed it was urgent to bring
our unique neighborhood-based treatment model to a state struggling with
devastating drug and alcohol problems. Beth’s 20 years of experience
working for a national leader in behavioral health provides us the
talent needed to lead the extraordinary group of professionals currently
working at Lighthouse.”

  • An estimated
    128,000 New Jersey residents are addicted to heroin
    . If they all
    lived in one place, it would be the Garden State’s fourth-largest city.
  • According to the New Jersey Medical Examiner’s office, 1,310 families
    lost loved ones due to heroin, cocaine, and prescription drug
    overdoses in 2014, per the latest available numbers.
  • New Jersey hospitals admitted 64,766 patients for substance abuse
    treatment in 2014. Nearly half listed opiates as their primary drugs.
  • In Atlantic County the heroin death rate in
    2014 was 18.9 per 100,000
    , which is over seven times the national

“The effort RCA put into recent updates to the facility has a direct
clinical effect on patient recovery prognosis,” says Dr. Michael
DeShields, medical director of RCA at Lighthouse. “An organized,
top-tier treatment environment like the one RCA has invested in helps
patients combat the anxiety that comes with the unknown of checking into
treatment. RCA’s customer service-focused treatment model assures that
patients are assisted by wellness professionals immediately upon
arrival; greeted personally many times daily by attending staff. This
has resulted in some of the strongest therapeutic relationships in the
field. The atmosphere created, thanks in large part to the facility’s
upgrades, is one where staff and patients share meals together,
encouraging patients to become partners in their own recovery every step
of the way,” continued DeShields.

Caraccio comes to RCA after a stellar career managing and growing the
footprint of NHS
Human Services
where she held a succession of positions of
increasing responsibility, culminating in her serving as the Tri-State
Regional Executive. While at NHS, she was responsible for managing a $15
million annual budget and managed over 300 direct care and professional

RCA at Lighthouse is JCAHO
accredited and licensed by the New Jersey State Department of Human
Services, Division of Addiction Services.

About Recovery Centers of America

Based in King of Prussia, PA, Recovery Centers of America is committed
to advocating for some 22.7 million Americans suffering from behavioral
health and substance use disorders. The company, which is opening
treatment centers throughout the Northeast, is transforming the way
treatment is delivered in an industry in desperate need of change.
Recovery Centers of America’s neighborhood-based centers for addiction
medicine are designed based on the latest scientific research that
indicates sustained recovery is more likely when patients stay connected
to and supported by family and friends, while building other, ongoing
support networks. By allowing patients to receive treatment in an
atmosphere more akin to a college campus with Starbucks-like appeal,
Recovery Centers of America helps overcome the stigma of addiction and
its treatment, which is essential to meaningful recovery.

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