Rhinoplasty, the Most Affected by Your Facial Impression, If the First Surgery Got Failed, Revision Should Be More Cautious

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Many people decide to have rhinoplasty expecting a beautiful nose. How
pleasurable it will be if every patient could get the result that they
have expected before surgery. However, there are many cases that the
patients should accept the unsatisfied results after putting their time
and cost.

Dr.Jee Myung Kim, the director of TL Plastic Surgery who has performed
multiple rhinoplasty and revisional cases, has mentioned that the
patients should be more careful and consider various factors when making
a decision for revision.

Asians usually have flat nose compared with westerners and they tend to
not like their noses. Thus, rhinoplasty takes great charge in Korean
plastic surgery. However, as rhinoplasty increases, a revisional
rhinoplasty also increases.

Rhinoplasty should be performed after considering a harmony with entire
face rather than thinking of nose shape itself to achieve good balance
of entire face shape.

For a successful rhinoplasty revision, individual’s face and proportion
should be considered with one to one customized surgery plan rather than
a standardized surgery plan. The standardized surgery plan could have a
risk that it may not make good harmony with the face and unnatural
result. Thus, the surgery should be planned through enough consultation
with the specialized doctor. Dr.Jee Myung Kim, the director of TL
Plastic surgery, said that “for a successful plastic surgery, patients
should check the career of operator and whether operator is a specialist
or not rather than selecting a hospital based on a price”.

TL plastic surgery located at Apgujung station, Seoul, Korea has been
operated a surgery by one to one customized surgery plan with
specialists and specialist surgical team who have plentiful experiences
on a nose plastic surgery. TL plastic surgery has been well appreciated
in safety and satisfactory result by one to one customized surgery
considering individual characteristics and facial harmony.


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