Rise and Shine, It’s Breakfast Day in Canada!

Breakfast Club of Canada and Minute Maid providing students with a
healthy start to school

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Breakfast Club of Canada and Minute Maid are teaming up for the
first-ever Minute Maid Breakfast Day in Canada today. This new national
initiative will raise awareness about the importance of a balanced
breakfast, the number of Canadian students at risk of going to school
hungry, and how Breakfast Club of Canada helps hundreds of thousands of
students succeed.

Every Canadian can participate in Minute Maid Breakfast Day in Canada.
People can volunteer at their local Breakfast Club of Canada program, or
start a new Breakfast Club at their school. Every $1 Breakfast Club of
Canada raises provides breakfast for one student for one day, and too
many Canadian students are going without.

“We are excited to launch Breakfast Day in Canada today with Minute
Maid. It’s a day for all Canadians to come together to support youth in
communities across Canada,” says Daniel Germain, President and Founder
of Breakfast Club of Canada. “Working together with partners like Minute
Maid, we’ve been able to make significant changes that are putting more
students on the road to success.”

Over 1.15 million Canadian students, 1 in 7, are at risk of going to
school on an empty stomach. New Canadians and Aboriginal Canadians are
at even greater risk. Research shows that having a nutritious breakfast
leads to student success. Benefits include higher marks, higher
graduation rates, higher school attendance, increased concentration,
fewer behavioural challenges and less bullying.

“A healthy, balanced breakfast is important for all students, and Minute
Maid has a role to play in helping all Canadian youth get the best start
to their day,” says Christian Polge, President of Coca-Cola Ltd. “From
coast to coast today, our employees are starting their day volunteering
at a local Breakfast Club. They are demonstrating the commitment we
share to the communities we serve.”

Minute Maid is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Ltd. and today
hundreds of Coca-Cola Canada employees will launch Minute Maid Breakfast
Day in Canada by volunteering at Breakfast Club locations in 25 cities
across Canada today. It is the largest ever single-day volunteer program
the Company has held in Canada.

Breakfast Club of Canada and Minute Maid have been partners for 15
years. Minute Maid donates 100% juice free of charge to Breakfast Club
of Canada, which they serve according to Canada’s Food Guide. Together,
they support 1,455 Breakfast Club school programs, serving over 25
million free breakfasts to 166,000 students annually. Breakfast Day in
Canada is an opportunity to highlight this important work, and inspire
others to get involved and make a difference for students.

In Quebec, Minute Maid Breakfast Day will be supported by Couche-Tard
convenience stores, where $1 from the purchase of any 450 mL Minute Maid
or Five Alive beverage from September 23rd to October 27th
will be donated to Breakfast Club of Canada.

For more information about Breakfast Club of Canada and to get involved
visit http://www.breakfastclubcanada.org/.

About Breakfast Club of Canada:

Breakfast Club of Canada has been making a difference in young lives for
two decades now, by ensuring that as many children as possible start
their school day with a nutritious breakfast. It also strives to create
a nourishing environment for students and spearhead a variety of
initiatives designed to build healthy self-esteem. The Club teams up
with community partners and regional organizations to develop solutions
adapted to local needs. Today, the Breakfast Club of Canada helps feed
some 166,000 students in 1,455 elementary and high schools across the

About Coca-Cola Canada

Coca-Cola in Canada operates in all ten provinces, and employs 6,300
people in more than 50 facilities, including seven production facilities
across Canada. We offer a wide variety of beverage brands, many of which
come in no-calorie and low-calorie options. These beverages include
sparkling soft drinks, still waters, juices and fruit beverages, sports
drinks, energy drinks and ready-to-drink teas. We’re proud to offer some
of the most popular brands in Canada including Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke®,
Coca-Cola Zero®, Sprite®, Fanta®, Nestea®, PowerAde®, Minute Maid®,
Dasani® and vitaminwater®. Coca-Cola in Canada is represented by
Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada and Coca-Cola Ltd. For more information
about our Company, please visit www.coca-cola.ca

On social media:
Twitter: @CocaColaCo_CA, @BreakfastCanada


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