Rodriguez Rejuvenation’s THERMiTight Procedure – Look Younger without Surgery

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Getting older is something that the 75 million baby boomers in the
United States have to face. But, Rodriguez Rejuvenation, founded by Dr.
Raul P. Rodriguez, offers cosmetic procedures designed to turn back the
clock without general anesthesia, downtime and scars and are more
affordable than traditional plastic surgery.

One of the procedures that is a revolutionary approach to looking
younger is called THERMiTight. It can help you appear 10 years younger
without a face or neck lift. It requires no surgery and can be done in
an office visit. This is a breakthrough for women and men who want to
look younger but do not want the cost, downtime and scars that come with

Looking older is not just the wrinkles on your face, it’s the sagging
skin below it. The neck and decollete is an area that women often
neglect. Sagging skin is the result of the loss of collagen and elastin.
With the loss of these, your firm and youthful skin starts to droop and
many people have the appearance of what is called the dreaded “turkey
neck.” THERMiTight can also be used to tighten loose skin in the arms,
knees and chest area.

THERMiTight combats these signs of aging. It is a painless procedure
that takes less than an hour and with little or no downtime. Radio
frequency is applied to targeted areas which causes shrinkage. Results
are immediate and improve over time and the effects have been shown to
last several years.

Raul P. Rodriguez M.D. is a graduate of the University of Texas
Southwestern Medical School and is board certified by the American Board
of Surgery. He has received extensive training through the American
Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Association of Anti-Aging
Medicine (A4M), the French Society of Mesotherapy and the American
Academy of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery. He has been a featured guest
on 20/20 with Barbara Walters and many other television and radio

Dr. Rodriguez offers patient coordinated care resulting in a thorough
and comprehensive treatment plan saving the patient time and money
instead of multiple visits to multiple doctors. Rodriguez Rejuvenation
is located at 1315 St. Joseph Parkway, Suite 1107, Houston, TX 77002.
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