Roominate™ Builds upon Its Inspiring Line of Girls’ Construction Kits with Launch of rPower

Now Available at Retail, New Device Allows Kids to Program and
Control Roominate Creations via Interactive App

a California-based toy company known for its line of customizable, STEM
inspired, wired building kits, is excited to launch rPower, a device
that allows kids to program and control their Roominate creations from a
smartphone or tablet. Girls as young as six-years-old can use rPower and
the new Roominate app to control their builds utilizing Bluetooth
technology. The innovative combination of physical and digital play is
positioning Roominate’s rPower as a highly coveted item this holiday

rPower connects up to eight circuits simultaneously, allowing girls to
incorporate multiple lights and motors into their builds. After
connecting rPower to their Roominate design, kids can turn motors and
lights on and off, adjust the speed and direction of motors, and set
lights to blink at varying time intervals. rPower is compatible with all
Roominate building kits, including the new sets: the Amusement Park,
Townhouse, RV, School House, and School Bus.

“rPower is the first of its kind, enabling girls to incorporate today’s
technology into playtime like never before,” said Roominate co-founder,
Bettina Chen. “We’re thrilled to be opening a new world of creative
possibilities to young innovators and to provide them with the
opportunity to experiment with Bluetooth technology.”

“We’re excited for girls to get their hands on rPower,” continued
Roominate co-founder, Alice Brooks. “We’re always impressed with the
creative things that kids are building with Roominate, anything from a
light up rock concert stage to a pretend vacuum with a working motor. We
can’t wait to see where rPower will take their imaginations.”

Along with the new building kits that range in price from $29.99 to
$49.99, rPower is now available at major retailers nationwide, and the
free Roominate app is now available for iOS.
The Android version will be available before December 1. In addition to
programming and controlling creations, the Roominate app serves as a
virtual Roominate community inviting users to share photos of their
creations to see what their peers are building, engage in guided
adventures, and learn backstories on each of the Roominate characters.

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About Roominate

Roominate™ is a California-based toy company that aims to inspire the
next generation of innovators through a line of customizable building
systems with modular pieces, working motor and light circuits that allow
girls to create original and unique structures. Roominate was founded in
2012 by two female engineers out of Caltech, MIT, and Stanford with a
mission to encourage girls to have fun with STEM subjects: Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Math. After landing a deal with Mark Cuban
on Shark Tank in September 2014, Roominate has grown to expand its
retail presence internationally in over 5,000 locations. In 2015,
Roominate introduced several new building kits to young girls, including
an Amusement Park, Townhouse, and RV, as well as an interactive app to
inspire endless creative building possibilities. Most recently,
Roominate was named a 2015 National Parenting Publications Awards
(NAPPA) Gold Winner. Visit
for more information.


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