S Line for Your Face through Vog-line Lifting!

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aging naturally starts in the late 20s. Lifting procedures, which were
mainly preferred by middle-aged women and men, are now getting
attentions from young women and men in their 20s. People in their 20s
are receiving the lifting procedures earlier in order to delay the speed
of aging.

Not only typical small lifting procedures such as filler and Botox
injections, but surgeries such as thread-lifting and liposuction are
receiving huge attention. ‘Vog-line lifting,’ which allows patients to
achieve essential components—rounded cheekbones and forehead along with
sharp chin line—of the baby-face look without getting high-risk face
contouring surgeries, is becoming popular.

The name ‘Vog-line’ is a compound word for ‘volume’ and ‘egg’ which
means three-dimensional egg-shaped face. This procedure creates
three-dimensional face with sharp v-lined chin through facial

For patients who have small jaw structure but have lots of fat around
the chin line, ‘Vog-line’ procedure will make slender chin line and add
volume to the face by precisely extracting the fat cells in the skin
layer and implanting it to areas such as frontal chin, nasolabial line
and frontal cheekbone.

Director of TL Plastic Surgery Korea said “Vog-line lifting is a
procedure reflecting current trend, which increased customer
satisfaction by producing three-dimensional and slender face line
through facial liposuction, Accusculpt laser and lipo-injection.”

He added “Because Vog-line lifting doesn’t require any bone surgery, the
procedure itself is simple, doesn’t cause much swelling and recovery is
faster so the patients can return to their daily life much faster. Also,
know-how from thousands of previous v-line lifting procedures allows the
surgeons to perform in details to produce slender chin line and smaller
looking face.”


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