See’s Candies, Inc. Issues Alert on Mislabeled Price Cards for Valentine Heart Boxes

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–See’s Candies was notified today of a class action lawsuit regarding the
mislabeling of three of its Valentine heart boxes as being KSA kosher
certified. See’s looked into the allegations and the investigation
revealed that the price cards on shelving fixtures in retail shops for
the one quarter pound, one half pound and one pound Assorted Chocolates
Valentine Heart included a printing error with the KSA symbol shown on
the price cards.

The price cards were replaced immediately in all shops this morning and
no longer include the KSA symbol. No changes were necessary to the heart
boxes as they do not show the KSA symbol as the product itself is not
kosher, and are correctly labeled.

See’s has notified KSA of the error so they may communicate to their
followers and advise that steps have been taken to replace the erroneous
price cards. See’s Candies is certified for several kosher products by
KSA and has always treated its certification of See’s products with
great respect. See’s assures that its production facilities meet KSA
standards to achieve the certification.

See’s apologizes to customers who purchased any of the three heart boxes
believing the product to be kosher, and the product can be returned for
a full refund. The allegation in the suit that See’s charges a higher
price for kosher certified product is false and the price shown for each
of these boxes is identical to heart boxes of similar weight and box
type. See’s carries fourteen different Valentine heart boxes, and the
error on the price cards was limited to the one quarter pound, one half
pound, and one pound Assorted Chocolates Valentine Heart price cards.

Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-800-789-7337
(Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm PST).


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