Sexual Health Month: carafem Applauds Latest Customized Birth Control Options

a reproductive health center and specialty abortion clinic reduces
barrier to birth control, providing the latest customized options.

According to a national survey,
over 50% of young men and 25% of young women received low scores on
contraceptive knowledge – 6 in 10 underestimated the effectiveness of
oral contraceptives.

“Many people don’t realize all of the options they have when it comes to
birth control. And some of those options might make their lives simpler
and safer,” says Melissa Grant, VP at carafem. “Something that works for
one person might not work for another. That’s why we offer a number of
different birth control methods and work to dispel myths and decrease
barriers to these choices. IUDs, implants and other long acting, 100%
reversible methods may be influenced by myths or waiting periods imposed
on these methods. Our goal is to make this process much easier. Most of
these methods are available at carafem without the need for a pelvic
exam and can be started at the time of a first visit.”

Here’s the latest:

1. The copper IUD, or ParaGard.
An invisible friend!
A hormone-free birth control option that’s
inserted into the uterus by a clinician and can last up to 12-years.
This method can be started at any time in the menstrual cycle and can
even work to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. IUDs can be
removed at any time in order to plan for a pregnancy when the time feels

2. A hormonal IUD, like Mirena,
Skyla or Liletta.
Like the copper IUD, this tiny, 100% reversible
device is easily placed in the uterus and omits a small dose of hormones
to prevent pregnancy. Most people experience very light or even no
period when using IUDs, with less cramping, tampons and more flexibility
for those who previously had long or painful periods.

3. The birth control implant, a.k.a. Nexplanon.
This neat little device is about the size of a matchstick and
inserted under the skin of the bicep in the upper arm. It’s quick, easy,
and almost invisible and can be removed any time or left in place as
long as 4-years.

4. The birth control shot, Depo-Provera.
A shot of hormones is given in the arm or hip that prevents pregnancy
for 3- months each time it’s received. This very private shot can
decrease or eliminate a monthly period with no sign of the injection
after it is given.

5. Oral contraception/birth
control pills
! A great option for preventing pregnancy,
but, the pill must be taken at the same time, every day, to be most
effective. There are many types to choose from so most people can find
one that works well for them and it may even decrease acne and heavy
monthly periods.

6. Condoms. The old go-to and still the best way to
prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs.) Condoms play nicely with
all the above birth control options and should be used with methods #1-5
to prevent infections. It’s the safest way to go!

“carafem offers highly effective birth control options based on
individual needs,” adds Grant. “Contact us by phone, chat or come in for
a visit to explore the best option for you. We see most people for a
consultation within an hour or less.”

carafem provides convenient, modern, and professional abortion care as
well as customized birth control options so women can control the number
and spacing of their children. carafem is changing the environment of
abortion care by making its services and information accessible,
understandable, and supportive. carafem currently operates in Washington
DC, and Atlanta, GA.


For carafem:
Jaimie Weiner, 646-964-4446