Skin Garden, the Best Customers for Korean Cosmetics Are Trend-leading Women in Their 20s – 30s

  • The best customers of Skin Garden in 2015 are women in their 20s – 30s
    who have a high level of interest in skin care
  • Animal mask pack ranked No. 1 in purchase rate reflecting the needs of
    female customers who like to have fun during skin care

a Korean cosmetic select shop located in Tokyo, announced that the best
customers in 2015 were women in their 20s – 30s.

Skin Garden analyzed the membership-based customers that made purchases
in its four stores in 2015 and it was found that the age groups of
customers recording the largest sales were the 20s and the 30s. As for
the difference between these two age groups, the 30s recorded a slightly
higher sales amount. It was followed by customers in their 10s and the

The fact that female customers in their 20s – 30s who have strong
interest in the beauty trends and have a range of information about skin
beauty are the main customers of Skin Garden has a number of
implications. With the popularity of K-beauty sweeping through the
world, Korean cosmetics sold by Skin Garden moved the heart of Japanese
women through an organic link with Japan’s beauty trend.

One of Skin Garden’s top-selling items for 2015 was the “animal mask
pack.” While most of the top ten products in sales over the past two
years had been functional basic skincare and makeup products, such as
noni essence and lip tint pack, a mask pack entered the top ten for the
first time in 2015. This is analyzed to be a result of the trend of
“fun” beauty enjoyed by women in their 20s – 30s who share their beauty
tips and comments about cosmetics products through SNS channels.

Continuously publicizing the technological excellence of Korean
cosmetics, Skin Garden is a K-beauty select shop offering over 500
varieties of Korean cosmetics including the recently added Day by Day
brand of Korea’s Gyeongbuk Cosmetics Industry Development Cluster.

Skin Garden (
is currently running four branches in Japan.


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