Smart Home Technology Helps Keep Children with Autism Safe and Secure

Vivint Smart Home provides accessible and affordable technology to
protect against wandering

PROVO, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For many parents of the one in 68 children diagnosed with autism
spectrum disorder, wandering is a constant concern. A 2012 study*
found that 49 percent of all children with autism attempt to
wander or bolt from a safe, supervised place. Vivint Smart Home, the
largest smart home services provider in North America and an official
safety sponsor of Autism Speaks, works with the autism community to
provide technology and services that help families better protect their
loved ones with autism.

“We are dedicated to providing smart home technology and special pricing
to help bring peace of mind to families and individuals affected by
autism,” said Holly Mero-Bench, director of charitable giving at Vivint
Smart Home. “The home is one place where families should not have to
worry about the safety of their children.”

Families who care for children with autism find that smart home
technology, as part of a comprehensive safety plan, provides answers to
their unique challenges. Smart home technology can:

Reduce Safety Risks

While smart home systems are designed to prevent strangers from gaining
entry into the home, they can also alert parents when children with
autism attempt to leave the home unexpectedly. The central control panel
will chime and send alerts to parents’ smart phones when an entry door,
garage door or window opens. If a child leaves the property before
anyone can respond, parents can use HD video from a doorbell camera or
an outdoor camera to start searching in the right direction.

Parents of children on the spectrum know it is important to quickly find
a child who wanders, as children with autism may be unable or hesitant
to communicate once lost and might not understand the dangers posed by
traffic or bodies of water.

“We’re so thankful we have a Vivint smart home,” said Norma Mendez, a
mother from Chicago whose son is affected by autism and who received a
donated smart home system in 2015. “A year ago, my son kept leaving. Now
he knows the system protects him and our family and it’s a life-changer.
He rarely wanders from safety anymore. The system provides peace of mind
and we sleep much better.”

Create Opportunities for Growth and Independence

Parents of children with autism often feel the need to provide constant
supervision to offer quick assistance and ensure safety. Indoor and
outdoor cameras enable parents to monitor their children in a safe
place, such as a backyard or a separate part of the house, while still
giving the children a greater sense of independence.

Provide Relief for Parents

In the 2012 study, 43 percent of parents reported losing sleep over the
fear that their child will wander in the middle of the night. A smart
home system helps reduce that anxiety by assuming a monitoring role on
key exit and entry points so parents can sleep more soundly. As parents
and caregivers always need to be proactive about individual safety needs
of those with autism, smart home technology can help relieve stress and
create a safer environment.

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