Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Mixologists Share Tips for Setting up a Home Bar for the Holidays

Expert advice from these cocktail connoisseurs will have holiday
hosts feeling at home behind the bar

Glazer’s Wine & Spirits
 (“Southern Glazer’s”) — the largest
North American wine and spirits distribution company — tapped into the
expertise of its top mixologists to offer some tips for setting up a
home bar for holiday entertaining. From the latest holiday cocktail
trends to tricks of the trade, these tips will help any host tend bar
like pro and impress holiday guests.

Stock Up on Staples

Make sure to have a selection of base spirits, as well as modifiers and
mixers, to satisfy the diverse taste of your holiday guests.

  • Spirits that go down smoothly when the temperature drops, such as aged
    rum, mezcal, cognac, and rye whiskey, are popular during the holiday
  • Keep a few good basics on hand like bourbon, scotch, vodka, light rum,
    tequila and gin, as well as standard mixers like lemon, lime and
    cranberry juice, club soda, and tonic water.
  • Modifiers in the form of fortified wines, like sherry, and bitters add
    dimension and uniqueness to make a cocktail special.
  • Don’t forget to choose a few holiday-inspired favorites, like
    peppermint schnapps, pumpkin spice, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and
    apple cider.

Do the Math and Don’t Run Out

Proper planning and a bit of math will prevent guests from going
thirsty. Follow some of these basic guidelines to help keep the party

  • Five liters of spirits works for 25 people, then double accordingly
    for parties of 50 or 100.
  • One pound of ice per person is a good rule of thumb.
  • One 750ml bottle will make 12 to 15 cocktails.
  • When making a punch, 25 guests will require 200 to 250 ounces of

Bring the Hottest Bar Trends Home

Homemade punches and classic holiday cocktails are all the rage.

  • With a large format punch, guests can serve themselves so the social
    host doesn’t get stuck behind the bar. Try this formula for mixing up
    a unique batched concoction – four parts strong (base spirit), three
    parts weak (ice for diluting), two parts sour (something acidic like
    citrus), and one part sweet (sugar or alternative). Then top off a
    punch with sparkling wine or soda to meld all the flavors and maintain
    the cocktail’s integrity even when filled with ice.
  • A traditional Tom and Jerry cocktail or eggnog will put guests in the
    holiday spirit. Or surprise and delight guests by using an alternative
    spirit in a classic recipe like substituting brandy for whiskey in an
    Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Raise the Bar with the Right Tools

A basic bar kit and the right mix of glassware is key to setting up a
home bartender for success.

  • The following are the essentials to execute any kind of cocktail:
    shaker, strainer, bar spoon, jigger, mixing glass, muddler, ice tongs
    or scoop, ice bucket, peeler, paring knife, cutting board, and bar
    towel (things get wet!).
  • Every type of drink requires the right vessel to maximize its
    potential. These glassware types will cover most home bartenders’
    basic needs: Rocks, Double Rocks, Highball/Collins, Coupe, Martini,
    and of course, wine glasses and flutes.

Impress Your Guests with Tips from Our Pros

The more adventurous home bartender can try one of these inside tips
from Southern Glazer’s mixology team to hit a home run with holiday

  • Make a unique homemade cocktail syrup out of a tea instead of simple
    syrup. Steep a favorite flavor in hot water for 5 minutes, remove the
    tea bag and add an equal amount of sugar to water.
  • Serve guests a vermouth over a large ice cube before the meal or
    during appetizers as an aperitif (and remember to refrigerate vermouth
    or it will turn into vinegar if left out!).
  • Try barrel aging or bottled cocktails with equipment easily available
    for purchase online.
  • Freeze edible flowers in ice cubes for a festive punch bowl
  • Consumers can mimic new ice formats available in the hippest bars –
    from large cubes to spheres – by purchasing different molds and using
    quality water. For crushed ice, invest in a Lewis Bag and mallet.
  • Making flavored ice, by freezing juices like watermelon or
    pomegranate, or freezing mint or cucumber in ice cubes, adds an
    element of craft bartending to a home party.
  • Always have one or two large format prepared cocktails (punch, batched
    margarita, etc.) prepared for guests as they arrive so they don’t have
    to wait for a custom drink if the host gets busy.

The Number One Tip

As holiday party hosts are making merry, always remember to enjoy
Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits products responsibly and encourage
guests to do the same.

Southern Glazer’s employs 15 Master Mixologists across North America,
responsible for educating bartenders, beverage buyers, and corporate
clients about the latest trends in cocktail culture. Michelin star
chefs, national restaurant chains, international hotels, and top spirits
brands rely on Southern Glazer’s expert Mixologists to help them develop
world-class beverage programs that raise the bar for today’s demanding
consumers. Southern Glazer’s Mixologists hold multiple certifications
from accredited organizations such as the U.S. Bartenders Guild,
BarSmarts, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Society of Wine Educators,
and the Cicerone Certification Program, to name a few.

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