Southwell Minster Gifted Site of Ancient Roman Villa

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Southwell Minster has recently been gifted the former Church Street site
of the Minster School. The purchase was made possible through the
generosity and initiative of an individual benefactor and the active
cooperation of the local developers, Oak Tree Homes.

The land has been donated in perpetuity on the basis that Southwell
Minster will act as custodians of it for the lasting public benefit to
the town and indeed more widely, by ensuring its use for educational,
conservation and cultural purposes only. The land has significant
archaeological remains most notable of which is a Roman Villa of
national interest and importance.

The Acting Dean, Canon Nigel Coates, writes: “We are thrilled to be the
recipients of this wholly unexpected and most generous bequest. We would
like to thank the donor, the developer and all those who were able to
make this extraordinary donation possible. We very much look forward to
working with the many interested parties in the town in drawing up plans
for its future.”

The Southwell Heritage Trust, of which Colonel Roger Merryweather is
Chairman, has been trying to preserve this site over many years. He
comments, “This magnificent act of benefaction is of major importance to
the town and will give to Southwell and its residents an historic piece
of land, which not only enhances the Minster but will give immense
pleasure to this and future generations”.

As an immediate first step, the site will be cleared of rubble,
levelled, grassed and fenced.


For Southwell Minster
Caroline Jarvis, Cathedral Administrator