Square Roots Honors International Women’s Day from Natchez to London

Company supports female entrepreneurs in London while Advisor Senator
Olympia Snowe shares personal message to mothers in Natchez

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Square Roots, a U.S.-based discovery company focused on creating
healthier pregnancy and BIRTH standards, is proud to celebrate
International Women’s Day 2016 through actions and inspiration.
Yesterday, Square Roots participated in Pitch@Palace 5.0, an
international business competition in London with an emphasis on female
entrepreneurs solving big problems and challenges.

Today, the Company is proud to feature an open letter to the mothers of
Square Roots’ Healthy
Moms Healthy Babies Program
in Natchez, Mississippi from Advisory
Board Member Senator Olympia Snowe.

“Dear Mothers, Coaches, and Allies of Maternal Health in Natchez,

Today marks the 102nd anniversary of International Women’s Day. Since
its inception many achievements have been made for women across the
world. Most women can now vote, work full time jobs, and even own a
home, all opportunities that were not afforded to us only a short time

Although much progress has been made for women’s rights since 1914, many
challenges remain ahead for women globally. Women continue to face
difficulties in having their voices heard during their pregnancy
journeys, resources are often inadequate for many mothers receiving
maternal care, and some women still lack opportunities to develop and
advance their careers.

In my lifetime, I have witnessed the changing tides for women in the
United States. It was a hard earned fight to bring bipartisan solutions
and initiatives for maternal health and women at large to our nation’s
Capitol. Although we have made great progress in achieving greater
social parity and equality for women, there is still work to be done for
maternal health specifically.

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Pledge for
Parity.’ Each one of us, both men and women, can pledge to take steps to
achieve gender equality. This includes helping the women and girls in
your life work towards achieving their goals and ambitions, respecting
and valuing differences among us as women, and calling for more gender
balanced health leadership within our communities. Every one of us can
be a leader in our own right and we all have the strength to take action
to accelerate gender parity in our lifetimes.

Let’s do exactly that. As moms-to-be with health goals of your own, and
healthy aspirations for your babies, I will take the pledge with you to
make the voices of mothers heard in our health networks. Let’s commit to
take purposeful action with men and women joining forces to work towards
gender health equality and continue fighting to create a world that
fosters growth of our future women leaders. Our girls hold limitless
potential and we can help them realize it. We are in this together, with
the help of Square Roots, its world-renowned partners, and other Cities
and communities across the nation. You are holding the future in your

Congratulations to each of you for participating in this invaluable
program that will provide immeasurable benefits. There is no better way
to celebrate International Women’s Day! This day is for you!

Senator Olympia Snowe”

About Square Roots

Square Roots is a discovery company focused on empowering the pregnancy
experience by connecting the dots of existing care models to human
needs. By integrating new technology and scientific findings with
intelligent partnerships from medicine to policy to maternal care
takers, Square Roots brings needed solutions and resources to the most
critical period of life: our beginning. To learn more about Square
Roots, please visit www.squareroots.com.


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