Steak. It’s What’s for Breakfast.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s introduce the Steak, Egg & Cheese Biscuit and

.® and Hardee’s®
don’t think that eating steak should be largely relegated to dinnertime
when the classic combination of steak and eggs in the morning can make
the prospect of an early wake-up something to look forward to. The
sister restaurant chains, known for their innovative, premium-quality
breakfast offerings, are taking seasoned, marinated grilled steak, eggs
and melted cheese and are offering it all in two delicious ways: on a
signature Made from Scratch™ Biscuit or rolled up in a warm flour
tortilla with salsa. Starting today, both the biscuit and burrito
options are now available at all participating Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s
locations nationwide.

The Steak, Egg & Cheese Biscuit features the savory combination of
marinated, grilled steak, folded egg and a slice of Swiss cheese, all
nestled in between the restaurants’ signature Made from Scratch™
Biscuits. The Steak, Egg & Cheese Burrito, on the other hand, features a
bit bolder southwestern flavor profile by adding salsa into the mix and
wrapping it all in a warm flour tortilla.

“People love their breakfast and it continues to be a bright spot for
many restaurants but, in today’s fast-paced world where people are
rushing out the door most mornings, a lot of us have to sacrifice taste
for expedience,” said Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for Carl’s Jr.
and Hardee’s. “Fortunately, at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, we are dedicated
to providing freshly-made, quality breakfast items that can be picked up
and eaten easily on the go, but still taste like something you’ll want
to savor. And, the Steak, Egg & Cheese Biscuit and the Steak, Egg &
Cheese Burrito are both delicious enough to make people want to take the
time to enjoy their steak – and eggs – in the morning.”

The Steak, Egg & Cheese Biscuit is available for $2.99, and as a combo
with hash rounds and a drink for $4.69, while the Steak, Egg & Cheese
Burrito is available for $3.99 or for $5.69 in a combo. Prices may vary
by location.

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