Sure Genomics Introduces First Full DNA Sequence to Consumers Delivered on an Interactive, Easy to Comprehend Platform

Platform Makes It Easy to Get, Look and Plan Proactive Health and
Wellness Through the Lens of Personal DNA Information. Initial reports
include BRCA1 and BRCA2, Drug Response and Interaction, Wellness, Traits
and Ancestry.

CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sure Genomics, Inc. today introduced the first at-home service to
deliver a person’s full DNA sequence with a single saliva test —
allowing for DNA comparisons to be reanalyzed and personal DNA
information to be updated and reviewed over a person’s lifetime. This
approach means comparisons can be generated as soon as new
scientifically relevant information is made available, relating to any
of the more than 6 billion bases in the full DNA sequence.

The initial reports made available with physician oversight include
BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, which indicate an increased risk of
female breast and ovarian cancers, drug response and interaction,
fitness and nutrition, traits and ancestry. Sure Genomics will release
additional reports after they meet all required Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) regulatory standards.

“Our company is dedicated to making personal DNA information accessible,
while providing an engaging platform to help foster deeper understanding
of what our DNA says about ourselves,” said Warren Little, CEO and
co-founder of Sure Genomics. “Just one test provides a lifetime of
discoveries, helping us make more informed decisions about our personal
health – and potentially our future generations.”

Making Sense of Your DNA: DNAman™ and DNAwoman™

For the first time, consumers will be able to access and engage with the
information provided in a full DNA sequence. Users log in from any
computer or mobile device to their secure portal on the Sure
Genomics platform to explore and understand their DNA – through the lens
of an interactive virtual body representation, identified as DNAman or
DNAwoman, which focuses on their key genetic markers. Each of these
markers is compared to the data sources maintained by the National
Institutes of Health (NIH) to create a DNA comparison of medical
information, drug therapies and potential interactions. As part of the
service, the DNA comparison is automatically processed every six months,
providing dynamically updated information. Users can request automatic
notifications when science discovers new markers in areas of interest,
and have the option to expedite the comparisons, for a nominal fee, in
advance of their semi-annual reanalysis. The platform makes it easy to
extract any part of the results and share those results with third
parties like a family member or healthcare professional.

How the Platform Works

From physician prescribed testing to personalized genetic counseling,
the Sure Genomics platform simplifies the experience of DNA
understanding through our Get, Look and Plan framework:

Get a DNA Test: Users register online for a collection kit to
mail in a saliva sample – testing is physician prescribed and samples
are processed by a CLIA-certified lab. Full DNA sequencing ensures a
higher degree of accuracy and the results can be reanalyzed continually
against newly discovered markers without additional tests.

Look at Results: Sure Genomics bioinformaticians analyze the raw
sequence data using information from public resources such as the NIH.
It takes four weeks from receipt of the collection kit for the analysis
to be delivered on the platform, through which customers can view and
explore their genetic characteristics, risks and tendencies.

Plan for Health and Wellness: Users can extract any part of their
analysis and run custom reports to share with healthcare professionals.
Because DNA is just one factor contributing to an individual’s health,
the platform also stores family medical history, personal health
information and ancestry to reveal a more comprehensive picture.
Automatic alerts are sent when new markers are identified, so users can
learn about the latest discoveries in DNA and how they might relate to

“We worked closely with scientists and geneticists to design an
interface that makes DNA analysis comprehension easier – for both users
and physicians alike,” said Rick White, Chief Architect and co-founder
of Sure Genomics. “Like navigation apps that apply data to circumvent
traffic, we should be able to use our genetic code to navigate a course
of action toward our ideal health and well-being. What we offer is more
than just a DNA report, but a powerful wellness and education tool that
helps us make holistic decisions to reach that goal.”

Leading technology and certifications:

  • Direct-to-consumer full DNA sequencing processed by a CLIA-certified
  • Analysis based on over 70,000 scientifically validated SNPs
  • Easy to understand reporting that meets FDA standards
  • Consultation with trained genetic professionals to interpret test
  • Semi-annual comparison reanalysis of personal DNA against new and
    clinically validated markers
  • Automatic notifications of newly discovered clinically validated
    markers, providing the foundation for dynamically updated health
  • Physician network available to prescribe full DNA sequencing
  • HIPAA-compliant storage of personal information
  • Access to medical studies, suggested treatments and drug metabolization

Privacy Commitment

Sure Genomics’ mission is to give everyone direct access to the
information contained in their DNA, while protecting their privacy. The
company will never sell or share personal information about its
customers. Sure Genomics can assist customers who are interested in
donating or selling their DNA data for science and research.

Price and Availability

Sure Genomics costs $2,500. The price includes full DNA sequencing by a
CLIA-certified lab, HIPAA-compliant data storage, ongoing reports, DNA
reanalysis every six months, and a one-hour consultation with a trained
genetics professional. After the first year, a $150 annual subscription
fee covers data storage and semi-annual DNA analysis against new and
clinically validated markers.

The Sure Genomics kit is available for preorder starting today at
The company expects to begin shipping kits by June 2016. The company is
voiding the $150 annual subscription fee for the first 500 preorder
customers for their lifetime.


Sure Genomics, Inc.
Christina Armstrong, 650-867-4899