The International Top 25 Foodservice Chains Sales Total US$59.9 Billion Globally in 2014

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Market Research Company Euromonitor International and Nation’s
Restaurant News released today the top 25 performing international
restaurant chains outside of North America. In 2014, the Asia-Pacific
dominated this exclusive list with $47.4 billion in sales.

In the next five years, Euromonitor predicts Asia-Pacific’s foodservice
sales to rise by 38.7 percent by 2019 with US$ 1.5 trillion dollars
sold. In particular, China continues to lead the region in sales and is
expected to remain one of the fastest-growing Asian markets over the
next five years. This overall growth in the Asia-Pacific region makes it
the second largest growth market in the world for foodservice operators.

Behind Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Western Europe are set for the
largest growth in foodservice. Euromonitor expects chain-sales to grow
114.3 percent by 2019 in Latin America and 22.6 percent Western Europe,

International markets are important to operators within the foodservice
industry as they provide potential for growth outside of the stagnant
U.S. For example, Asia-Pacific’s total foodservice sales in 2014 totaled
US$1.1 trillion while North America’s 2014 foodservice sales only
totaled US$ 556.3 billion. Understanding the tastes and trends of
consumers in the region will also help companies decide whether or not
their concept will do well.

“Our foodservice research offers real insights from every major market
and this scope gives us a unique view of the most important trends
playing out at the global level,” said Michael Schaefer, Head of
Beverages and Foodservice at Euromonitor International. “As this year’s
International Top 25 list shows, the number of truly global foodservice
players continues to grow and we expect the pace of growth and
innovation will continue to accelerate going forward.”

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