The Irony: Data Concludes Americans Feast on Pizza More Liberally During GOP Debate

650-Unit National Franchise Marco’s Pizza Reports Significant Spikes
during Both Debates; Consumption of Spectators Differs between Parties

TOLEDO, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As candidates chewed over issues like the economy, foreign policy and
income inequality in both the Democratic and GOP debates, Americans were
indulging in pizza in record numbers for both parties, according to data
gathered from more than 650 Marco’s
stores in 35 states nationwide.

The Toledo-based fast-growing pizza chain tracked orders across its
franchise system over the past three presidential debates, finding
increases in orders of as much as 40 percent over the same weeknights
last year in several markets.

Nationwide, while the company reported that orders spiked during both
party debates, spectators of the Oct. 28 GOP debate rung up 12 percent
more orders over viewers of the Democratic debate on Oct. 13.

“You have to admit it’s a little ironic to see how liberally Americans
consumed pizza during the Republican debates,” said Bryon Stephens,
president and COO of Marco’s Pizza. “We’re finding that when people
gather together for any national televised event – whether it’s
presidential debates, sporting events or award shows – our orders rise
significantly. The debates have been healthy for the pizza business.
Having said that, Game 2 of the World Series didn’t hurt the spike.”

Following a 38 percent national surge compared to the same date in 2014
during the Sept. 16 GOP debate, the fast-growing pizza franchise posted
an increase of 28.5 percent during the GOP debate on Oct. 28 as compared
to the same date last year. Sales during the Oct. 13 Democratic
Presidential Debate resulted in a spike of slightly more than 25 percent
over last year on that date.

There is one thing that remained steady throughout all debates:
Pepperoni was the most commonly ordered topping across the country.

Marco’s Pizza is currently listed No. 12 in Pizza Today’s Top 100
Pizza Chains and was named by Franchising Times as No. 8 on the
magazine’s list of Fast and Serious growth franchises. The company is
expected to grow to more than 700 franchises by the end of 2015.


Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Marco’s Pizza is the fastest-growing
pizza company in the United States (based on the number of stores signed
into development since 2007). Marco’s was founded in 1978 by Italian
born, Pasquale (“Pat”) Giammarco and thrives by making Italian Pizza
with fresh ingredients. The company has grown from its roots as a
beloved Ohio brand to operate more than 600 stores in 35 states, the
Bahamas, Puerto Rico and India. To inquire about franchise opportunities
with Marco’s Pizza visit


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